What is my diet?
I use a diet technique known as “calorie cycling”, where instead of looking at calorie counts for a single day, I’m more concerned with long-term averages. This means that on some days I eat very little (less than 1000 calories), but on other days I might eat as much as 3000 calories. But it all averages out to where I can maintain my weight without really gaining or losing.
I also sort of do intermittent fasting. While I don’t have a defined eating window or follow any specific rule, I’m not really a breakfast person, so in general I don’t eat my first meal until around noon. If I do eat breakfast I usually still eat just as much in the rest of the day, so since I don’t don’t feel hungry till lunchtime anyway, I figure I might as well skip breakfast and save myself those calories.
And finally, on my low calorie days I usually use volumetrics to help me feel satisfied on less food. Volumetrics is where you bulk up foods with extra fiber, water, and vegetables so that your stomach is physically full on fewer calories.

Do I ever do cheat?
I don’t believe there is such a thing as a cheat day because I don’t believe I am cheating if I eat junkfood or have too many calories. I’m a grown ass woman and I’ll eat whatever I damn well please.
With that said though, I do usually have 1-2 days a week where I’m doing something social or going out to a restaurant and consuming a shit ton of calories is completely unavoidable. Eating more is not cheating, it’s a normal and acceptable part of life.

Do I ever binge?
Not really. But like cheat days, I don’t really believe that eating more is a binge. If I’m hungry and I want more, that’s okay, but I never really get to the point where I feel hungry and deprived enough that I snap just because there’s a lot of restaurant and social eating peppered into my life.

Why don’t I show my high calorie days?
I’m not opposed to showing my high calorie days, it’s just that logistically it rarely works out. They’re often when I’m with other people, and I believe in disconnecting from social media when I’m out with real life friends. Both out of respect for their privacy, and for my own mental wellbeing.
I’ve known people who did social media full time, and it took a toll on their personal life. Youtube is not my job, so I don’t have the luxury of not having to care if I miss out on potential views.

What do I use to track calories?