Healthy Eating Habits That Will Get You Lean and Ripped

If you’re on the journey of getting lean, here are 5 healthy eating habits that will get you lean and ripped as well as help you maintain a lean physique long-term.

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About the video:
If your goal is to get lean and ripped, there’s no better way to do that than cultivating new healthy eating habits. Habits not only help us stay on track with our diet and training, but they also reduce the amount of mental effort we need to put into the process.

In this video, I share 5 of my favorite healthy eating habits that not only worked for me, but I’ve seen many individuals who are at 10% body fat have.

With these healthy eating habits, you’ll learn a new way to manage your food intake during fat loss, advice for macronutrients as well as micronutrients, and how to improve your planning and mindfulness skills when you’re dialing in your nutrition to get lean.

I hope that these habits will help you be more successful in reaching your fat loss goals and transitioning to living a healthy lifestyle long-term.

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About Me:
My name is Mario Tomic. I specialize in helping busy entrepreneurs and professionals take their physique to the next level so they can perform at their best.

Since 2011, I’ve spent over 10 000 hours practicing, studying, and coaching fitness, nutrition, and high performance.

Most people don’t know that my native language is Croatian and that I worked in computer science before I started my fitness and personal development coaching company.

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