Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle: Eat for Health – Australian Dietary Guidelines

Join Dr Norman Swan and the panel as they discuss the what in reality is healthy eating and how to apply the updated 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines.

The Guidelines offer stronger evidence-based recommendations on how to best enjoy a healthy diet to optimise health, maintain healthy weight and reduce the risk of diet related disease for a wide range of Australians.

Watch this program to gain insight into the 5 key elements of the Guidelines, the extensive resources and ways in which these can be applied to all healthy Australians to combat weight related issues.

The 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines are part of the Eat for Health program. The Guidelines have been developed by the Department of Health and Ageing in conjunction with the National Health and Medical Research Council which provide evidence based nutrition recommendations for healthy Australians across all population groups from birth through to 70 years of age.

Produced by the Rural Health Education Foundation

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