Heavyweight champ, 52, returning at middleweight thankfully fails

Former heavyweight champion Chris Byrd’s attempt to return to the ring in the 160lb weight class has failed.

The former Klitschko conqueror made his most significant transformation in 2020 after boiling many kilograms at the ripe old age of 50.

PR announced that the man who held the world heavyweight championship would be back in the ring after a prolonged series of health challenges in early 2021.

That first attempt fell apart. Months later, Byrd again got linked to a return despite a year since the confirmation.

Heavyweight champ

Then, in early 2022, MG Ring Productions stated Byrd would face Eric Moon on March 12th in a sanctioned professional bout.

Luckily for Byrd and the fans, ‘Rapid Fire’ would never trade blows with the 30-year-old Edgar Berlanga KO victim.

Following his Hall of Fame-worthy career, which included wins over two-time WBC ruler Vitali Klitschko, former WBA, WBC, and IBF undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Evander Holyfield, and David Tua, Byrd (47-5, 22 KOs) suffered severe neuropathy and chronic pain from fighting far above his natural weight at the upper limit.

“Nobody wanted to fight me at middleweight, so I ate my weight up to face the major heavyweights. Due to this, I paid for it. I went through eleven years of suffering.

“A few years ago, I couldn’t even move my feet apart. The pain in my left leg was so bad that I just wanted to cut the whole thing off some days.

“I had to make drastic changes and choices in life to get where I am today,” said Byrd.

The now 52-year-old did look chiseled and svelte at 163 pounds. However, his age and past problems made returning a bad idea.

Byrd’s transformation began nearly four years ago when his daughter was engaged to be married.

Weight loss and illness

The idea of being unable to walk her down the aisle pained Byrd, as he was willing to do or try anything that could help improve his condition and let him be there for the ones he loved.

He changed his eating habits – he stopped consuming everything he was allergic to (wheat, sugar, and dairy) and switched to a plant-based diet.

A chance meeting with a medicinal cannabis expert proved particularly fruitful in Byrd’s road to recovery. Byrd began a therapeutic regimen of juicing fresh cannabis leaves and utilizing CBD oil and topicals.

He consumed ample hemp hearts as a complete source of protein and essential fatty acids.

In short, the ferocious pain he had felt in his left leg and the fatigue he had battled his entire career began to subside.

Chris Byrd fitness

By early 2020, Chris had reached a plateau in his recovery “at about ⅔ of where [he is] today.” He then discovered Aaron Cameron, Director of Club Q360, in Malibu, California.

Cameron is widely known as the husband of film star and “Real Housewife of Beverly Hills,” Denise Richards. Under Cameron’s guidance, Chris began undergoing radio and sound frequency treatments to treat his neuropathy.

According to Byrd, these treatments took his healing to a level – relieving his pain and significantly increasing mobility.

“Aaron is a fantastic person, unique with a great mind and an expert in radio and sound frequency work. Doctors had told me I would need my shoulders and hip replaced.

“After my treatments with Aaron, all of that changed. Aaron wants to see people get healed and cares for the people he works with.”

“Chris’ recovery has been nothing short of miraculous,” said Split-T Boxing promoter David McWater. “To see where Chris was only a few years ago to where he is now is remarkable.

“It’s an honor to be able to help him on this path.”

Considering all that he accomplished in his professional career and his dramatic post-career transformation from struggling heavyweight to vibrant and virile middleweight, nothing could stop Chris Byrd’s ambition.

By September 2021, Byrd still harbored ambitions of getting back in the ring. Finally getting that date in February 2022, Byrd maybe realized what he was doing was a mistake.

It could have ended a lot worse. His extraordinary efforts at losing his average weight didn’t have to end in a fight for the ex-heavyweight champ.

“I want to show people that it’s never too late to accomplish your goals and live out your dreams. My reflexes are razor-sharp; my strength is phenomenal. I’m more focused than I’ve been.

“I feel I’m ready to make a return to the ring. With the help and guidance of Split-T Boxing, I hope to make it a reality.”

By September 2022, Byrd had posted less about his ambitions to fight. His last message to fans was a trip to Abel Sanchez’s Summit Camp at Big Bear.

Thankfully, he’s not training for a fight, and it’s still fiction.

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