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If you’re looking for Norfolk Island travel ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Spacifica Travel we love Norfolk Island and are always excited to chat about your next Norfolk Island holiday.

There’s so much to do on this 8×5 kilometre island, but where do you even start? There’s snorkelling in vibrant reefs, strolling along beautiful beaches, renowned hiking trails, history around every corner and great dining experiences to be had.

Your first stop when looking at Norfolk Island travel is a great accommodation and flight deal. Have a look at our Norfolk Island packages to see what suits your travel best. Next we’d recommend adding on some tours, so you can experience and learn about everything this island paradise has to offer. Read on to learn about three new tours starting June 2022.

Wars of Change Tour

This little island community wasn’t exempt from the effects of the war, and you will discover artefacts and history throughout your Norfolk Island travels during your stay here. During an afternoon tour learn about the social impact on the community from World War II.

Your experienced guide will tell you what happened when a major part of the island’s male population left the community to join the fight. During this time defence troops were posted to the island also creating a huge impact. Another wartime disruption was the construction of the Norfolk Island airport. This created a lot of destruction to mature Norfolk Island Pines and homes, but it did pave the way for future tourism and travel to Norfolk Island.

You will also tour some historic sites. This includes war machinery including artillery emplacements and radar stations, as well as tented accommodation for troops and water supply facilities. You’ll truly get a feel for the locals and a greater understanding of what this community has gone through to be where they are now.

Island Life Tour

With Norfolk Island located 1,412 kilometres off the east coast of Australia, being so far from the mainland makes you wonder how food, fuel, and other goods travel to Norfolk Island. The Island Life Tour answers these questions and more. During this six hour tour, you will spend a delightful day learning about modern island life, including:

·         The island’s ethnic groups

·         Nationalities present on the island

·         Languages spoken, including the Norfolk Island indigenous language

·         How and where islanders are born, educated, find work and careers, and attend various churches

·         Health and medical services

Your experienced guide will explain the eight original family groups and how their cultural traits are fostered and valued in today’s daily life. Plus there’s a two course, island-style lunch at Governor’s Lodge. What a perfect way to end the tour!

The Natural Wonders of Norfolk Island Tour

One of the best reasons to travel to Norfolk Island is for its natural beauty. Sheer rugged cliffs and outcrops of basalt contrast against the iconic Norfolk Island Pines and the verdant green island interior.

During this tour learn about the geological marvels of the island. These spectacular formations are the result of volcanic creation three million years ago. Your guide will show you the endemic and introduced species of trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and fruits. Keep a keen eye out for the resident and migratory bird life. You might be lucky enough to see or hear the call of the endangered Norfolk Island Green Parrot.

Morning tea is included on this half-day, morning tour. Don’t miss this tour, it’s a fantastic inclusion to your Norfolk Island itinerary and the perfect way to start the day.

Norfolk Island Travel Tours

Joining a guided tour is one of the best ways to get an insight on island life during your Norfolk Island travels. Above we’ve listed three must-do new tours on Norfolk Island, but Spacifica Travel has many more Norfolk Island tour options available if you’re looking to add to the itinerary.

There are tours that explore the convict history and World Heritage-listed Kingston area. Spooky ghost tours that tell of Norfolk’s troubled past. Bushwalking tours that will take you through lush rainforests to scenic clifftops. Farm and food experiences that will tickle everyone’s taste buds. You’re truly spoilt for choice when travelling to Norfolk Island.

Experience Norfolk Island with Spacifica Travel

There is so much to explore and experience on Norfolk Island. To discover the best of Norfolk Island on a holiday you’ll never forget, talk to the experts at Spacifca Travel. Contact us by calling us today on 1800 800 722!

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