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Meet Brent, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who just found out he no longer needs blood pressure medication.

Oh, and he’s also celebrating losing over 35 pounds.

What’s crazy is that he did it all in about six months…which is BONKERS!

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Brent.

He had done the New Year’s resolution dance quite a few times…but always seemed to fizzle out.

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” Brent admits.

However, instead of going through the same “start and stop” pattern again, Brent decided to do something different – he decided to ask for help!

Let’s find out how it went.

#1) Brent Started Exercising in a Way He Enjoyed

“When I joined the coaching program, my coach asked me a novel question:

What exercise do I actually enjoy doing?

I hadn’t thought about it before – I always figured I’d just have to slog through my workout.

I admitted to my coach that I enjoyed running, so we quickly built a program around doing 5ks.”

Takeaway: Half the secret of getting in shape is moving in a way we enjoy.

(The other half is nutrition, but we’ll get to that.)

So when we first start exercising, we should focus on what excites us!

The important thing at first is to enjoy the activity! Then, we’re much more likely to make it a habit (our goal here).

There’s a reason Brent’s coach asked about his preference. They knew finding his passion would be critical for building consistency.

Here are our tips for running a 5k if you wanna get going yourself. 

#2) Brent Mixes in Strength Training

Although Brent loves to run – and even knocked out a couple of 5ks during the last six months – he also started a strength training practice.

“My coach advised we mix in some strength training as part of my 5k training. The goal was to build some muscle and also prevent injury during my runs. 

The big surprise was just how quickly this helped me lose weight. My belt size shrunk fast because of all the workouts.”

Takeaway: Strength training can go a long way towards transforming our bodies.

Obviously, it’ll help us grow strong. But it might also help us slim down.

That’s because building and maintaining muscle takes a lot of calories.

As Brent learned, the side effect of strength training might be a lower body fat percentage (as we explain in our Guide to Body Recomposition).

#3) Brent Leveled Up His Nutrition

“I never thought too much about what to eat – I just ate whatever was in front of me.

But since I wanted to lose some weight, my coach took me through a little Nutrition 101. 

Now, I think about:

I don’t follow any sort of diet. But these simple lessons from my coach changed the way I eat, without too much effort.”

Takeaway: If we’re trying to lose weight, nutrition will be a big part of the puzzle.

However – as Brent learned – we don’t necessarily need to follow any sort of “diet.”

Just some good healthy habits might be enough:

This might be the trick if “going on a diet” hasn’t quite worked out yet. For more on our philosophy here, check out The Nerd’s Guide to Healthy Eating

4) Brent Created Accountability

“To be honest, I think accountability to a coach and my financial investment helped me form habits more than anything. 

Just knowing that someone would check in on me – and that I was paying for it – made me push through on days when I didn’t want to.

Now, I work out and train without too much thought. They’ve just become normal parts of my life.

Having accountability at first really helped me get here.”

Takeaway: Having someone check in on us can be critical when we’re starting a new habit.

Sure, a coach might be a great way to go about it.

But there are others:

Accountability was missing during Brent’s previous attempts to get in shape.

It really can be the difference-maker.

How Will You Close Out 2021?

I’m super proud of Brent and what he’s accomplished the last year.

However, if you personally didn’t meet your fitness goals in 2021, don’t beat yourself up over it.

Getting in shape is tough stuff and the ongoing pandemic didn’t make it any easier. 

But, as we close out this year, it can be important to ask: how will I handle my goals next year?

What can I do for the remainder of this year, to help me build momentum?

If you think one of our coaches might be able to help you prepare for 2022, we’re here for you.

With Nerd Fitness Coaching, you’ll gain:


You can schedule a call to see if we’re right for each other right here:

Even if you decide not to join our coaching program, do one thing:

Think about how you can build accountability. Even if it’s just to yourself, with a daily journal.

But being asked “Am I doing what I said I would do?” can be incredibly powerful.

You have to look not much farther than our friend Brent for proof.


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