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This week on the podcast, you’re going to hear a lot about “the universe” and listening to intuition from Robin Samples, the Founder of Bare Feet Power Yoga.

Robin Samples and I both got into business around the same time – about 10 years ago. And over these 10 years it got easier and easier for me to scootch into the territory of woo-woo. I get the feeling that Robin’s journey to the spiritual was quicker than mine – she just brought her community along with her when she felt it was ready.

And that’s the thing about Bare Feet Power Yoga – for Robin, the yoga has always been important, but I’ve heard her talk a lot about getting beyond the physical practice for years. You’ll hear us talk about a few of the ways Bare Feet has tapped into yoga off the mat, from retreats to workshops to programming that revolves around cannabis. 

Robin’s focus has always been on building community and giving that community what it needed, which allowed her to make subtle changes when she needed and big changes when the world demanded it. 

Robin operates one of the only pay-what-you-can studios, an option that gives more people access to the practice of yoga. Drop-in yogis have the option to pay on a sliding scale – $20 for a little extra assistance, $24 for regular-price drop-ins, and $28 to pay-it-forward, which is a pricing tier that helps to subsidize another person’s discounted class.

If $20 is out-of-reach, Bare Feet has always had the option of joining the karma crew, which offers an additional way to make yoga a part of your life for the low, low price of karma. Reach out to the studio if you’re interested in joining the Karma Crew.

And that evolution has also allowed Robin to try things, create space for a range of teachers and develop the kind of studio that not only fosters movement, but also a greater sense of connection to one’s self, their community, and – for those who choose to tap into the spiritual side of the practice – the universe.


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