How Easy Is Easy? Running Paces Explained

How fast should your next training run be? Are you really running ‘easy’? What does a tempo run look like? Andy and Sarah go through the basics of different paces, what they should feel like and show you how different they might look for different people.

↓↓ What’s your favourite running pace? Are you going to change your approach to running intensity in the future? Would you ever dare to try Kipchoge’s 1:59 marathon pace? We want to hear from you! ↓↓

What’s in this video?
00:00 What Pace Should I Run At?
00:54 How Slow Is Slow?
02:44 Ready, STEADY, Go!
03:54 Let’s Up The Tempo
05:04 Threshold Runs
06:16 Approaching The Interval
07:06 Can The TRC Presenters Run A Sub Two-Hour Marathon?

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