How Kinesiology Helps Identify the Best Supplements

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If you’ve ever visited an osteopathic doctor (DO), chiropractor, biological dentist or other type of practitioner within the alternative health community, you may have experienced the holistic protocol known as kinesiology.

Kinesiology or biomechanics at its most basic level is the study of body movement. When used as a method of diagnosis and treatment, however, the appropriate term is applied kinesiology (AK) or muscle testing. Applied kinesiology was developed in 1964 by George Goodheart, Jr., a Michigan chiropractor. Not all alternative health practitioners are trained in applied kinesiology, as they must first be certified in their respective fields before they can study applied kinesiology in a postgraduate setting for use in their practice.

Kinesiology as used within an alternative medical setting is based on the premise that muscles are affected by problems within a particular organ or body system and that muscle weakness can be symptomatic of problems elsewhere in the body such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances, and/or nutritional deficiency among others.

My first experience with kinesiology was over twenty years ago when I was suffering panic attacks from my crazy, “burn the candle at both ends” corporate lifestyle at the time.

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