How the Christian Church and U.S. Government Work Together to Traffick Children Worldwide Through the Lucrative Adoption Business

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The European Adoption Consultants (EAC) is a business that was set up in 1991 by then President George H.W. Bush and Bill Barr, his Attorney General.

This agency has been caught numerous times in its 41-year history trafficking children by fooling parents in poor countries with financial incentives, like promising an education for their children abroad, and then placing them in Christian orphanages where American families will pay a high price to adopt the children.

These families willingly buy these children because in most cases they have been lied to, stating that the children were either orphans, or that their parents did not want them, when the truth was that these children were kidnapped for financial gain.

CNN actually did an investigation on the EAC in 2017, interviewing parents who had been lied to about their adopted children, and then found out from the children themselves that they had parents back in their home country who loved them. This is still up on YouTube:

I am certainly not a fan of CNN, nor Anderson Cooper and his known ties to the CIA, but this is undoubtedly one of the best investigative reports they have ever done, even if it was politically motivated.

And yet, the EAC founded by Bush and Barr has never been held accountable all these years for their crimes in child trafficking.

This week, it appears that another child trafficker associated with EAC is about to cop a plea deal and not have to be held accountable for EAC’s crimes of child trafficking. As reports:

Robin Renee Longoria, second from the right, with her family. Her son posted this photo on Facebook four years ago.

The fix is in.

According to Robin Renee Longoria’s sealed seven-page filing today in Cleveland Federal Court.

On Weds. at 12:30 p.m., she anticipates getting:

  • probation

  • restitution of $78,000

Instead of ten to 30 years in jail for:

  • selling children

  • money laundering

  • bribing judges

No details were given on what the restitution is for.

Or who is supposed to get paid the $78,000.

That is why Robin took a plea deal without knowing what the maximum sentence would be.

She was never going to jail.

Longoria worked for the criminal network called European Adoption Consultants (EAC).

It is in the Cleveland suburb of Strongsville, Ohio.

EAC has been operating for 41 years without ever being caught for its crimes against children.

Other co-conspirators in the same criminal enterprise are detailed in this story:

Longoria helped run a criminal network of 574 named defendants that made $200 million from 8000 fraudulent international adoptions since 1991.

In her plea deal, Robin admitted being part of a criminal conspiracy that paid off two Judges in Uganda.

For fraudulent paperwork to buy children from Uganda.

To sell them in the U.S.

A copy of her signed plea deal dated Sept. 19th, 2019, is in this story linked here:

CNN sent a news crew to Uganda to verify the criminal conspiracy.

Their story is in this ten-minute video called “Kids for Sale”

Where did $200 million go?

What happened to the children?

Why are European Adoption Consultants (EAC) allowed to continue to operate?

Prosecutors from Cleveland to Washington, D.C. are in on the fix.

How about the Judge?

On Wednesday, Judge James Gwin has a choice:

  • accept and sign Longoria’s plea deal

  • sentence her to ten years in jail

Or reject the deal.

And include prosecutors as co-conspirators.

Bill Barr, former Attorney General, fixed the case.

To protect the Bush Foundation from being connected to the EAC child trafficking hub in Cleveland.

Robin Longoria’s sentencing has been delayed six times since the case was filed on Aug. 12th, 2019.

She used to work for BlackRock Financial out of Dallas.

One of Joe Biden’s best friends, Tom Donilon, is Chairman of BlackRock Financial.

He also is Chairman of the Aspen Institute.

Aspen is a subsidiary of the CIA.

Details are in this story:

Read the full article here.

It is not surprising at all that Bill Barr and George H.W. Bush met while both were working for the CIA, as the CIA’s secret organization called “The Finders” has been linked to worldwide child sex trafficking including Satanic Ritualistic Abuse. After decades of investigations into The Finders, the CIA finally declassified many of their files on this group at the end of 2021. See our previous coverage:

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