How To Not Smoke Frog Venom

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How To Not Smoke Frog Venom

Who The Hell Smokes Frog Venom?

Hemp Seeds are an automatic add-on. I have Reishi nearly every night.  My first trial batch of PQQ is in transit. But i seem to have been totally out of the loop on Frog Venom. Or is there no loop? Is Frog Venom not actually the latest antioxidant, psychedelic It-Substance?

Let me walk you back a bit. Ever since my Ascendant Progressed into Aries (Progressed Ascendant post coming up, I promise), i have wanted accentuated brows. Strong brows really are an Aries/Mars thing. So i was having them henna-ed by a very Leo Beautician when she confided that her close friend had been recently hospitalised after taking Frog Venom.

What? This was a Void Moon in Pisces, when we often mis-hear things, as if via a surreal translator. Leo Beautician went on. “She does Yoga. I mean who doesn’t she became Yoga-obsessive. She went to Bali to do a cleanse, had the Frog Venom and rang me from hospital.

I asked what sign this woman was, hearing the right answer in my head even as i phrased the question. Sagittarius. My mind was free-associating. Macbeth’s three witches – was this like eye of newt? All those princesses kissing frogs in fairy tales. The animal cruelty component – was venom like when bees or scorpions sting and once you sting you perish?

How did she take it? I was visualising little vials of venom people put under their tongue before Vinyasa. Was there a way to mindfully get a drop of venom without killing an animal?

“She smoked it”, said Leo Beautician, mixing up a henna hue called latte with one called caramel. “The venom you put on your skin is meant to be an antioxidant but she was hoping for a spiritual experience more like ayahuasca. She said she felt the oneness of all existence but then broke out in a rash so bad they took her to hospital.”

Okay, so i am like the world’s most boring person when it comes to psychedelics. I already have hypnogogic dreams, see auras & ghosts. Acupuncture and dental gas give me shamanic journeying type experiences. So i kind of tune out when i read those articles about how micro-doses of LSD enhance efficiency.

And Neptune squares my Ascendant in Aquarius. When you have Neptune squares, you can’t paddle in the shallows or even go surfing. You’re either deep in that ocean or you’re safely on shore.

But Frog Venom –  however it’s been taken – is enough of a thing that it was mentioned recently at  a Goop Wellness Summit.

I left the Leo Beautician with brows looking temporarily garish and big, like a hieroglyphic. Then I recalled that there was an Ancient Egyptian Frog Goddess. Her name was Hequet and i only remember as some say that her name is the origin of Hecate, the Dark Moon Goddess, the Crone, the Witch Queen and Keeper of the Cross Roads.

Then i began to wonder if this is yet another evolution of the long-time myth of the Frog-Prince. Only nowadays, women are skipping the “prince” part and trying to spiritually transcend via the Frog direct? Or, is it an attempt at a spiritual bypass?  Or even just the new Vodka Martini?

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