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every one gets tempted on how to start a healthy lifestyle.It is summer and many of us might be wanting to lose weight fast.What is the real diet and healthy eating habits that one must follow for a guaranteed weightloss? These 6 simple indian tips on the pattern of eating for an Indian diet that you can follow will definitely help you in losing weight with much ease.
1.Drink a tall glass of water before each meal.
2.Balanced eating pattern to stay healthy.For every meal , divide your plate into these sections and fill the designated section (shown in the video) with carbohydrates, vegetables and protein rich recipes.Indian Healthy eating plate which is shared in this video can be followed each time for any meal to help us follow balanced diet
3.Try to stay away from technology and start to connect with the food you eat.
4.Keep your snacks and treats away from your sight.
5.Attend to your craving when it hits!
6.Keep track of your ‘healthy’ snacks because they they are calorie dense too.
Eat this way to lose weight after delivery.
I can assure you that this will kick start your weight loss journey if you incorporate these tips into your daily life because this is what I followed to lose weight after both of my pregnancies.
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