“I lost my dad in my Primary 3 but my mum never allowed us to drop out of school. I thank Allah for giving me a mum like mine,” Says 22-year-old ABU First Class Graduate

An interview with Miss Muminah Agaka, a First-Class graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria says her goal and dream is to become a lecturer in University and own her own henna academy in the future.

Lets meet you?

My Name is Musa Muminah Agaka. I am 22 years old graduate of Sociology from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. I am also a henna artist. I love to always add that to my identity as I have been into henna art since 11 years ago. It is what I enjoy doing. It enables me to assist my mum in the little way I can.

How do you feel bagging First Class in Sociology?

By Gods grace, I am really happy it turned out that way. I’m grateful to God for choosing me.
What growing up was like?

Growing up? hmmm, life generally is like a coin with two sides….but reality laid its cold hands on me faster than I could ever imagined (as human). I lost my loving dad at the age of seven . At that point in time, I was in primary 3 and had to be nurtured by my single mother; a lot really really happened, but then which of the Lords favour will I deny? Absolutely none! I thank Allah for giving me a mum like mine really. Despite being a health attendant she is struggling so hard to ensure none of us dropped out of school due to financial constraints. I pray God Almighty grants her good health and long life to reap the fruits of her labour. It was the need to support my mum that led me to start selling things .The first thing I remember selling is cocoa (one sweet bounrvita-like) then, later veils, textile materials, okirikas, so many things; then henna art work. The struggle still continues and we keep thanking God and hoping one day we shall be at that shore of possibilities.

I learnt from a man that never should an individual feels he is better than any one, and never should he feels anyone is better than him. He taught me to never be proud and never should I be of low self esteem. Thus, the feeling I get among my friends and community 4. .Id try to also explain to who ever is finding it hard to understand (I learnt that knowledge is only useful when you instill it in others) by doing this I realised it sticks more to my head and more ideas on the whole discuss keeps popping up in the course of me explaining to my colleagues. Alhamdulilah for how it later turned out.

Do you have future plans to lecture in the university or just to further your education?

Both, furthering ones education is more of a prerequisite to lecturing in any tertiary institution, thus, furthering is really something I desire to do as it is more of a foundation to go into lecturing.

Youre also into henna art as an entrepreneur. How did you get into that and whats your future plan on the business?

I got into the business when I was in JSS 2, not sure I can clearly recall when the whole idea popped into my head. It was a self trained art. I started making it on my mom and sistershands. Later friends, friendsfriend and that was how it started and this year is going to be the 11th year of me making henna. I keep learning more and more everyday about the business and money I made from it have really been of help to me and my family. Also, Ive been able to teach people via online classes and physical trainings too. I thank God for the gift of henna art. My future plan on the business is to be able to own an outlet of my own and I hope one day I will be able to run a henna academy where I will be able to teach a large number of people the henna art as my own quota of empowering them and also desire to be able to create job opportunities through the business.

What kind of support do you need to get your business to that peak you desire?

Financial support really is one of the major ingredients to achieve the peak of my business as it will help me have an outlet of my own and I believe can transcend to a plus-bigger place where a lot of people can be trained the work and be empowered with it. Also, I will be needing peoples support in terms of spreading the gospel; this which can be through social media platforms to help reach larger audience and connect me with people who are in need of my services.

Your advice to Nigerian youths on need to combine entrepreneurship training with tertiary education.

Learning a skill to complement ones tertiary education certificate is really something I will encourage the youths to do. I will advise that youths should study themselves and figure out what they really love doing. I mean passion is really required when you want to learn a skill; it makes you want to know more about it and also makes the work less tiring to do on a long run. One of what is required of us as Nigerians is to be more of job creators than job seekers. It will help lessen so many vices we have in our societies today.


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