Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year. Here is What You SHOULD Use Instead

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Don’t take NSAID, try this instead

When you don’t feel well, or you are in huge pain firstly you always think of taking some painkiller medicine as ibuprofen or diclofenac but you have no idea that the terms of heart attack risk are equally dangerous as the use of the drug Vioxx. This was published in one article in a recent Reuter’s.

Why do people take NSAID drugs?

People are facing so many unhealthy attacks lately caused by several different reasons and they easily become blinded by the industrialized world of painkillers. They don’t want to wait for things to get better by time, and surrounded by the stress, the chemical exposures and eventually dieting they want to stop the pain immediately taking a pill to kill the pain.

By consuming it often enough we won’t kill just the pain we will kill ourselves too.

One of the examples filled with petrochemical- derivative, linked to increased risk of heart attack and mortality causing while it’s mixed with aspirin is the ibuprofen. The serious unhealthy effects are:

  • Anemia
  • DNA Damage
  • Hair loss
  • Hypertension
  • Influenza mortality
  • Miscarriage

Not only the ibuprofen represents danger but also numerous of non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs appear to be dangerous too. The cardiac mortality and cardiovascular disease are on the highest place of associated health problems by their use.

For better information about the danger of Aspirin find “The Evidence against Aspirin and for Natural Alternatives”.

The pain is pain. We always choose the relief for priority but as well they are a few alternatives also.



via Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year. Here is What You SHOULD Use Instead


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