I’m 39 & everyone asks me what my anti-aging secret is – it’s not expensive skincare, it’s a decades-old hack

ONE woman has shared the anti-aging secret she swears by that is a decades-old hack and practically free.

The 39-year-old shared online that the reason why her skin maintains a glowing appearance is not due to expensive skincare products but rather proper hydration.

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Beauty and fashion content creator Adriana Krzesniak shares the secret to how she keeps her skin glowing at 39 years old[/caption]


Krzesniak says she drinks at least two liters of water a day to maintain the youthful appearance of her face[/caption]

Digital creator Adriana Krzesniak gives viewers a glimpse into her skincare regimen by informing her online audience about how she maintains her skin’s texture and age-defying appearance.

Much of Krzesniak’s social content pertains to outfit inspiration videos, shopping hauls, beauty reviews, and a look at a typical day in her life.

In one popular video, the lifestyle creator replies to TikTok user @Helin after she asks “What is your secret omg” on a previous video.

She dumbfounds viewers when she claims that the reason why her face looks so youthful and radiant is that she simply drinks a ton of water.

“The biggest mistake I see is when people spend a lot of money on anti-aging skincare, expensive skincare, and don’t do two basic things that make your skin beautiful, age slow and glowing,” Krzesniak says at the start of the video.

The beauty lover then goes on to state that she doesn’t use a plethora of skincare products in her routine and sticks to a good moisturizer, cleanser, SPF cream, and retinol serum.

In the past, the woman claims that she attempted to use more intense serums, but they did not react well to her skin.

From trial and error, she learned that the two most vital aspects of her skincare regimen are to drink plenty of water and always wear SPF 50+ makeup and skincare products on her face and neck.

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“As for water, I always drink two liters per day, and I’m sure of it,” she insists.

She declares that she drinks a half liter before breakfast, then a liter during her lunch break at work, and then drinks her remaining liter at home after work.

It may seem like a lot of water to drink in one sitting, so Krzesniak says that she spaces it out by chugging a half liter and sipping the rest of the beverage.

The comment section of the video was filled with praise about the routine, inquiries into what products she uses on her skin, and her application methods.

“Show us a picture of what you use friend…. I’m following in your footsteps,” one viewer commented.

“It’s true!!! taking care of ur INTERNAL health will make a diff rather than just the surface,” another added.

“I’m following for that skincare video you’re gonna do. id like to see what products u use,” another wrote online.

The 39-year-old also says to wear at least SPF 50+ every single day to prevent anti-aging
TikTok / lil.icons

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