Juicing Cannabis Leaves – Baby Really Cured of Inoperable Brain Tumor?

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Myth or Miracle Cure?

Lots of nutritionists and wellness lovers juice their vegetables for a more efficient benefit from its healthy ingredients. Juicing creates a nutrient-rich drink that is easy to consume and also easy to digest. And due to the fact that it’s easy to make-and-take, it’s perfect for even the busiest timetable.

According to Dr.William Courtney, Cannabis, one of the world’s most advantageous vegetables, could and should be juiced too. Juicing raw marijuana is the healthiest, most helpful method to consume this impressive plant. Many of the exact same health problems that are relieved with marijuana could really be stopped through the intake of raw cannabis juice, a study with over 7,000 patients using this technique revealed.

 Health Benefits of Juicing Raw Marijuana

Besides that cannabis is a veggie with a lot of the similar nutrients as numerous other green vegetables (fiber, iron, and calcium), it is loaded with advantageous cannabinoids that are unique to the cannabis plant. Juiced marijuana is a nutritionally-dense, quite effective medicine.

The high focus of cannabinoids in juiced cannabis combined with the ideal balance of fatty acids can aid enhance cell function and minimize damages caused by free radicals. Extra advantages of raw, juiced marijuana include less inflammation and also the facilitation of two-way cellular communication. Several cannabinoids likewise have anti-tumor properties which are readily offered with eating raw marijuana.

Like other vegetables, however, cannabis loses a great deal of its nutritional value once heated. The cannabinoid profile also changes after cannabis has been heated by converting THC-A into THC and CBD-A into CBD. With THC now replacing THC-A, the user could get stoned, but by juicing cannabis (rather than cooking or otherwise heating it), consumers can avoid the high altogether without compromising its other valuable components. Because raw juiced cannabis produces no high, it is possible to consume much larger amounts of beneficial cannabinoids. For example, CBD has been shown to halt – or even reverse – the growth of certain cancers but only in extremely high doses. The FDA has established a 600mg daily allowance of CBDs (pdf) but only 10mg or less for THC. Given the fact that most cannabis strains contain less than .01 percent CBD and well over 10 percent THC, reaching the 600mg daily allowance for CBDs would be impossible without juicing it first. – Cannabis International Foundation

Cannabis Oil Cures Baby of Inoperable Brain Tumor…

Researching the internet about this phenomenon took me to this story, where Dr.Courtney reports about his youngest patient who is 8 months old, suffering from a massive centrally located inoperable brain tumour. Within two months there was a dramatic reduction. Dr Courtney pointed out that the success of the cannabis approach means that “this child…is not going to have the long-term side effects that would come from a very high dose of chemotherapy or radiation” … read on: preventdisease.com

Advantages of Juicing Cannabis Leaves

  1. Avoid the High 

Juicing cannabis provides a way of obtaining many of its benefits without getting high.

  2. Ingest Higher Doses 

Not getting high makes it easier to take higher doses of cannabis and therefore more of its medical components, also known as cannabinoids.

  3. Versatility 

Cannabis juice can be mixed with a variety of other healthy ingredients.

  4. Avoid Smoking 

Juicing allows you to avoid the negative effects of smoking.

  5. Prevent Diseases 

While cannabis is often seen as a treatment for chronic diseases, incorporating cannabis into your diet can be a great way to maintain health and prevent disease…

If you are now as astonished as I was about these facts or you might feel inspired by my article to give it a go, here you can learn how to juice raw cannabis.

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