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1.  Benefit to a Smaller IF Window? [19:19]

Max says:

Dearest Robb & Nicki,

I’ve been making my way through the podcast archive and to my recollection have yet to come across the answer to this quandary. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting for about 5 months now, sometimes ketogenic with minimal fat intake in the morning, sometimes full-on starvation mode. Generally I break my fast between 2-3 in the afternoon and get my last bite of the day in by 8:30 or so. I recall hearing John Berardi talk about his period of IF experimentation and mentioning that sometimes he would limit his food intake window to as little as two hours or one heaping, Spartan-esque meal.

Do either of you have an opinion regarding the potential benefit or detriment of such a small eating window? When I’ve tried to limit myself to cramming in 90-95% of my unfasted calorie intake, which is 100% of my protein/carb intake, into a single meal or two small meals in just a couple of hours, I find myself really having to shovel it in. Either feeling too full to take in the amount of calories that I feel I need, especially if it’s a particularly active day or week. Logic leads me to believe I shouldn’t trade a smaller window of eating for packing my stomach so full of quality grub that I don’t feel like moving afterwards. I may have just answered my own question.

Thanks for all of the effort you guys put into sharing positive tips and information with the portion of us willing to listen. Cheers!


2. Juicing – GERD – Electrolytes [26:18]

Cynthia says:

Hi Robb & Nikki.

I love your podcast and the work you do. It is refreshing to listen to someone who really tries to give unbiased information.

I have 2 questions (if only one is allowed please pick either one. Thank you :))

1. Should LMNT be drunk with meals? My thinking is that it may counteract stomach acid and exacerbate GERD. I do have reflux, so I am trying to not make it worse.

2. Have you watched “Super Juice Me” (it is a 2014 documentary where 8 people with 22 combined diseases get remarkably better with 28 days of juicing)?

According to many people in the paleo/carnivore community drinking that amount of carbs/sugar/fructose would make you sick, yet people got better, not worse.

I am trying to bounce my ideas with someone smarter and more knowledgeable than me.

So if some people get better with fruit and vegetable juices only, and other people get better with a carnivore diet, do you see a reason why combining both approaches would be detrimental? For example, having a fresh-pressed fruit juice (or even a couple of oranges) with my steak.

Thank you.

3. Roasted Unmalted Barley [32:56]

Irvin says:

Hi Robb & the Wolf Team

I like the sound of your statements, and arguments, please keep it going.

I am experimenting with Paleo/Primal/Bulletproof experience whilst unemployed (n=1), and I am loving it; however, I have a question regarding my love of Guinness as a drink (I live in Europe). I am interested to know the effects of ‘Roasting’ on unmalted barley (Main ingredient for Guinness)? I have read that it chars the sugars, and is high on the ‘Lovibond Scale’,but what does this mean in ‘laymans’ terms as compared to barley for beer per se, is it better than normal beer for consumption?

I know that the beer is my choice, as opposed to wine for the better Paleo affect, I am just trying to challenge the ‘low beer’ scenario with drinking Guinness, as it is not the same as the light coloured beers, and I can’t find the solution so, I am basically asking you guys for help 🙂

Whilst I am taking the liberty, would or, does toasting bread change its properties as a starch, or sugar significantly for the body?

Thanking you in advance


4. Digestion Issues [41:46]

Tom says:

Hi Robb, love the podcast and thoughtful answers,

I’ve always had digestion issues with gas and diarrhea and spent around 10 years of my adult life eating SAD with a lot of fast food. My wife and I lost a lot following ketogains and I got into single digit BF levels. The digestion issues didn’t go away and out of an experiment on myself I shifted to a very low fat (40-60g/day) high carb (200-400g depending on activity from rice, potatoes, oats, and sourdough bread) diet while keeping my protein up between 1.2 and 1.5g/lb bodyweight. I don’t notice a ton of difference in training, A1C is 5.1, fasting glucose always 85-96 if this makes a difference (never diagnosed with diabetes to be clear). The biggest change is that my digestion issues have gone away, but I miss the ribeyes and bacon I used to have. Is there something I should look at to be able to digest fat more effectively, or just accept that it’s what my body seems to prefer? I really like the low carb community, but I feel like an outsider with the high carb intake.


5. Give Up on the Chin-Up? [45:58]

Nicolle says:

Have you ever witness a female who could not do a chin-up make it her goal to get one and succeed? How long did it take her? How did she do it? For me, this is the holy grail of body weight exercises and the last one I have to master.  I’ve been trying (with the help of resistance bands, negatives and my trainer) for over a year now and I just don’t feel like i’m going to get there.  What strategies do you use?I I’m 5’8″, 135 lbs and I can do 20 push-ups so I started with that.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!



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