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Larry Wheels Nails 500 Pound Snatch Grip Push Press On First Attempt Ever

As if we didn’t see this coming!

Probably the most popular powerlifter alive at the moment, Larry Williams aka Larry Wheels, is continuing to perform beyond human capabilities (Or at least what we thought was humanly possible). Well, Wheels’ took his talents to Bradley Martin’s gym, “Zoo Culture” in Los Angeles since the two have been buddies for a while now.

Martin, who is quite the fitness celebrity (His 3 million Instagram followers proves this) has done many training sessions with Larry Wheels who himself has a nice share of followers of almost around 750,000. Wheels’ is also a world record holder in the 242-pound class (2,171 lbs) and the 275-pound weight class (2,291 lbs) for “totals,” and keeps getting better. Now, the collaborations are always interesting but this one especially, where Wheels’ nails a movement which he’s never attempted before, and with a lot of weight to boot.

Wheels described the lift as his “First time doing this, super fun movement”.

Watch him hit 500 pounds on the “Snatch Grip Push Press”…

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This type of movement works so many muscles and requires a lot of strength and stabilizers to hit big numbers. From the legs to all pushing muscles and the core, you’re not missing out on getting a good mass building workout, aside from the strength aspect. It’s great for carryover to the full snatch movement as well.

We can all easily agree that we’re impressed, yet again, with Larry Wheels’ freakish strength accomplishments but we never want it to end.

So here’s some more awesomeness to feast your eyes on with a squat pyramid up to 775 pounds and back to the bottom again… Enjoy!

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Watching Larry Wheels perform crazy (And unexpected) feats of strength is always a pleasure for anyone into fitness. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more in the near future!

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