Dr. Robert Malone received the leaked document from Italian activists. Direct link to leaked document.

Critical EU-Pfizer Agreement Leaked

Intact mRNA

Contradicting reports in the BMJ that 70-75% of the mRNA in the vaccine was intact, this agreement shows only 50% of the mRNA was intact per specification. So up to 50% of the mRNA in the shot can be truncated, modified, recombined junk. Such randomly modified mRNA could lead to production of random proteins against which an immune response can be created. The immune system attacking random proteins would result in a wide range of vaccine induced diseases including autoimmunity, allergies, cancer, etc. thus requiring 9 pages to describe Adverse Events of Special Interest (AESI).

And as Dr. Meryl Nass pointed out, this 50% spec. only applies when tested at their factory. It could be even lower by the time it is injected.

Apart from the 30 mcg of spike protein encoding mRNA, a 0.3 ml vaccine dose contains a total of up to 2.5*0.3=0.75 mg of RNA.

Bacterial proteins

The leaked document confirms the presence of bacterial endotoxins in the vaccine. The mRNA vaccines are manufactured using E. coli bacteria. So E. coli proteins and endotoxins contaminate the vaccine.

I previously described the consequences of E. coli protein contamination including induction of autoimmune diseases of the cardiovascular system, type 1 diabetes, ALS, etc.

Fraudulent drug safety studies have destroyed medicine; “Safety” researchers ignore lot-to-lot variation but in reality 100X difference in contaminant level, adverse events, is common

Stephen Hawking’s Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) was most likely a vaccine-induced autoimmune disease

Pharma’s war on cheap medicines killed 15 million with COVID, it may now be bad for your bones; E. coli protein contaminated mRNA vaccines cause numerous autoimmune diseases including type 1 diabetes

Usually vaccines are described as sterile.

Not the case for this Pfizer vaccine which can contain live microorganisms (including E. coli? “bioburden” ) up to 1 CFU/10ml.

DNA Contamination

In 1985, the FDA came up with an arbitrary limit of 10 pg residual DNA contamination per dose.

There was no science behind the 10 pg limit. It is based on the number fingers in a pair of human hands. If this guy were working at the FDA, he would have set the limit to 12 pg.

This arbitrary 10 pg limit had been arbitrarily increased 1000-fold to 10 ng by 1996. You would expect that with improved technology, vaccines would get cleaner with time. But with no liability, they become dirtier to increase profit.

The Pfizer vaccine contains up to 330 ng DNA /mg of RNA. Since each dose of the vaccine contains up to 0.75mg of RNA, each dose can contain up to ~250 ng of residual DNA.

This is ~25X the amount of residual DNA contamination allowed in the Flublok vaccine.

Other contaminants

Ethanol and dsRNA are other newly disclosed contaminants.

And even this leaked document does not list all contaminants such as aeroallergens.

Aeroallergen contaminated injected vaccines cause the development of asthma. New CHO cell protein contaminated biologic treatment for asthma – tezepelumab, will cause de novo autoimmune disorders.

With all these hidden ingredients not disclosed in the FDA’s “fact sheet” or package insert, informed consent was impossible. This was a coercive medical experiment on humans, in violation of the Nuremberg code, based on fraudulent claims that the product was safe and effective.

Finally, at least the state of Florida is recommending against these dangerous vaccines.

Read the Pfizer and BioNTech EU Agreements, as received by Dr. Robert Malone:

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