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Natural deodorants are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Deodorant is something we use every single day, and these daily-use items are the first we should be looking at when making better choices for our families and ourselves. Natural deodorants, such as Pure Beginnings’ range, don’t contain synthetic fragrances, phthalates and, most importantly, aluminium chlorohydrates. All these ingredients have proven adverse effects on our body’s health.

Scientific evidence linking the use of underarm anti-perspirants to breast cancer is inconclusive, however there is research to suggest the need for a precautionary approach.

The switch to a natural deodorant is a process. It’s not an immediate or overnight success story. Like most things worthwhile, it takes thought, planning, intentionality and sticking with it.

Changing your thinking:

Let’s start by explaining the difference between what mainstream and natural deodorants do for the body. It’s important to understand that traditional deodorants tend to double as anti-perspirants, whereas most natural deodorants do not. In other words, natural deodorants won’t stop you perspiring.

That being said, don’t be afraid to SWEAT! Sweating is something we’ve been taught to avoid at all costs – it has such a bad reputation and we need to change that. Sweating is a GOOD thing. It’s an important natural bodily function. Instead of being embarrassed about it, try to embrace it (during your detox if nothing else!).

Embarking on the armpit detox:

After years of using traditional deodorants, your body may need some time to adjust. This is your body purging from years of toxin, bacteria and chemical build-up. Many people try a natural deodorant and feel as if they smell worse (which is just their body detoxing). It’s a bit like having a headache or muscle pain after a good massage – it’s just your body working hard to flush toxins and lactic acid. The new body smell tends to put people off and they end up throwing in the towel before their body adjusts to not having an anti-perspirant on. Give yourself a little grace period when you make the switch. You’ll find your new norm quicker than you think.

Experiencing a detox period for a couple of weeks when transitioning to a natural deodorant is perfectly normal – and healthy! Instead of blocking pores to prevent sweating, natural deodorant allows the body to do what it’s naturally supposed to do. Yes, you may be a bit sweatier or smellier at first, but it’s all part of your body (and your sweat glands) coming back into balance. Trust the process, stick it out and soon enough you’ll be saying goodbye to chemically burdened armpits and body odour for good.

While you’re transitioning to a natural deodorant, there are a few things you can do to support your body in the process. You’ll already be nourishing your delicate underarms with pure, safe ingredients topically, so here are a couple more ways to support your transition holistically:

If you really want to speed up the detox process you can make an armpit mask. This is Wellness Mama’s recipe for a Detoxifying Armpit Clay Mask:



After 3-4 weeks of intentional armpit detoxing you should be out of the woods. Are you keen to take up the challenge? We’d love to hear about your journey from a chemical to a natural deodorant. Please let us know and tag us @purebeginnings in your posts. Good luck!

Here’s to a healthier you!

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