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Meet Mason, a chemist from Minnesota who is currently celebrating losing over 70 pounds as a member of our Online Coaching Program.

As you can see, Mason has gone through quite the transformation.

Here’s what’s truly remarkable about this story: the time frame!

Mason found Nerd Fitness a year ago, after googling “how to make fitness like a video game” in January 2020.

The fact that THIS is the search that led Mason to us makes me so dang happy.

Like many in the NF Rebellion, Mason felt right at home amongst a group of nerds trying to better themselves. After going it alone for a bit, Mason decided a NF Coach could help him reach his goals.

He recognized he had some challenges, including:

Luckily, Mason decided to pick a path and course correct along the way.

365 days later, Mason feels like a new person.

Let’s dig into Mason’s journey and see what allowed him to crush life…during a pandemic!



At the end of 2019, Mason knew something had to give:

“After gaining another 10 lbs over Christmas, I wanted to make a change in the New Year.”

The problem?

Mason wasn’t sure what to do!

He started asking himself:

Like many of us, Mason started googling for answers.

We’ve all been down this rabbit hole…

Luckily, Mason eventually stopped searching the internet for more information and got to work.

This is an important point: research is great, but action is more critical.

Reading books on working out is for sure helpful. However, no book will ever surpass the benefit of actually trying a work out yourself.

Takeaway: I’m glad you’re here reading Nerd Fitness to level up your life, but don’t forget the most important step: you gotta get going!

Otherwise, you may spend your time endlessly collecting underpants.


In Mason’s own words: “Nerd Fitness was the first program that came down to my level of workouts.

When I started, my biggest struggle was doing a push-up.

I was always told that knee push-ups were the easiest variation…but I couldn’t even do those.

Even the incline push-ups were too challenging. My coach didn’t flinch at any of that though, and programmed wall push-ups first.

A few weeks later, I upgraded to an incline push-up. It then took a couple of months before I achieved my first knee push-up. That was the sweetest feeling.”

“It was the first indication that the program was working and I was making actual progress!

After two more months of training, I achieved my first full push-up.

Now, I’ve started doing diamond push-ups.”

Takeaway: All of us start from a different experience level. That’s okay! Don’t freak out if you can’t do a push-up (or even a knee push-up).

You’re going to have to beat Level 1 before going to Level 2. That’s how any decent game (or fitness program) works. However, if you put in the time, you will get to the next level.

Or as Mason says, “Understand that this is a marathon. It takes time, but consistency is key.”


Speaking of consistency, Mason knew he didn’t want to depend on “January motivation” to make his goals.

So he created systems.

“I tried to turn fitness into a habit. That’s helped me stay consistent for the past year. I tell myself ‘Today is Monday. I work out on Mondays whether I feel like it or not.’”

A coach has also been helpful for Mason’s new system too.

“Coaching made me feel accountable to my schedule. Someone else would know if I didn’t do my workout for the day.

But I never was made to feel ashamed or guilty. It was only non-stop encouragement.”

Takeaway: When you make a goal, create a plan or system on how to get there.

Then, ask yourself, “am I doing what I set out to do?”

This course of action will propel you far longer than a single spurt of motivation ever could.


Like many of us, Mason LOVES cookies.

He knew that any program that would forbid them completely was doomed to fail.

So Mason makes them part of his plan:

“Learning balance and intention has been important. For example, I’ve discovered that it’s ok to have a cookie. Just not ten. Each treat is an intentional choice, instead of mindless eating.”

But it hasn’t all been “eat less of that.” On the flipside, Mason has also had to make room on his plate for other nutritious foods.

“I’ve been trying to eat more protein. It’s a big mindset shift where I’m actually trying to eat more instead of less.”

Takeaway: When someone tells us they are trying to eat healthier, generally, we don’t tell them to stop eating anything specific right away. Instead, we tell them to eat more protein (chicken/legumes) and fiber (found in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains).

As Mason says, this is a big mindset shift, as most dieting advice boils down to “stop that.”


Here’s how Mason tells it:

“I wanted to join Nerd Fitness Coaching in order to get some structure in my fitness journey.

On my own, I was trying to piece together a plan from a ton of different sources. It was a little overwhelming.

Having a coach who can put together a workout and answer all my nutrition questions has helped me maximize my progress. They took my year-long goal and broke it down into bite-sized chunks.

When I started, my ‘big, impossible, never going to achieve this’ goal was to get under 200 lbs…

Well, I’m currently at 198 lbs and happily maintaining.”

Takeaway: It’s 100% possible to use free articles and videos to help you reach your goals! We’ve seen millions of Rebels achieve amazing feats using nothing but the free guides on Nerd Fitness as a roadmap to move forward.

However, there are also limitations on going alone. You might not even appreciate that you’ve been struggling or stalling.

So learn to ask for help when in doubt.

It could be from a trained professional like a coach. Or even just a friend who knows the way.

The important point is recognize when you’ve exhausted progress on your own.


I’m super proud of Mason and what he’s accomplished.

If you personally didn’t meet your fitness goals last year, don’t beat yourself over it.

Most of us felt lucky to just tread water, thanks to the Apocalypse Simulator 2020.

It seems like we’re living through the sequel too…

Regardless of what 2021 brings, if you have large goals this year, think about how you can strive for “consistency” with them.

How can you move forward, even just a little bit, each and every day?

This strategy is what allowed Mason to gain his incredible results.

Should you want some one-on-one help for some consistency in 2021, chaos is where our coaching program thrives.

We’ve found that having a plan that adapts to constantly changing situations is really valuable in times like this!

So if you think having a personal Yoda on your side can help with the challenges you’re facing (and the challenges you don’t even know about yet!), we’re here for you.

With Nerd Fitness Coaching, you’ll gain:

If you want to make the most out of 2021, we’d love to be a part of your journey.

You can schedule a call to see if we’re right for each other right here:

If you decide not to try coaching, no problem. I’ll still be here offering free guides and corny jokes to help you level up your life.

But if you do decide to join, maybe it’ll be your success story I’m sharing at the end of 2021.

A similar thing happened to our friend Mason.

For the Rebellion,

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