“If it’s not okay for me to be part of the conversation,” said inventor of mRNA vaccine technology Dr. Robert Malone to Joe Rogan, “then who is? Who can be allowed?”

That is an outstanding question. The guy who Rogan points out is “one of the most qualified in the world to talk about vaccines” has been banned from Twitter and is being driven from “polite” society – you know, the east coast elite news media/big tech cabal’s society – simply for attempting to discuss the risks involved with such vaccines in a scientific and factual manner.

That is a huge and dangerous development that should be getting a lot more attention as we start this brave new year.

One thing that’s really worth noting is that people who have natural immunity, as in those who have already had covid, can be much more at risk for the “adverse” events that we’re all told are so negligible you have to be punished for even mentioning them.

Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone discuss how people with natural COVID immunity are at a higher risk of adverse events from the vaccine. pic.twitter.com/faAXiHMuL1

— Mythinformed MKE (@MythinformedMKE) December 31, 2021

That seems like the kind of thing people should know. But the pious internet driven woke CNN, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Democrat regime that rules over most of the nation simply won’t allow it to be mentioned. Remind you of anything?

On Joe Rogan, Dr Robert Malone suggests we are living through a mass formation psychosis.

He explains how and why this could happen, and its effects.

He draws analogy to 1920s/30s Germany “they had a highly intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad” pic.twitter.com/wZpfMsyEZZ

— Mythinformed MKE (@MythinformedMKE) January 1, 2022

Scary times. They ban the actual scientists while telling us they’re banning Grabien for not listening to the actual scientists.

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