Nutrition Tips – Pros & Cons of Organic Food

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Nutrition Tips – Pros & Cons of Organic Food – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Organic food, I I saw this really great little sticker that came up one day on it might have been facebook where somebody said eat organic food or as your grandparents use say eat food. Well that said is that organic food the idea of organic food is a new one. And it is new because really the conventional way of conventional way of growing foods is what is new. So we have had to now say there is a difference between something that was grown and sprayed with Roundup versus something that was grown the way it is been growing for thousands of years. So really what it is about the issue right now has more to do with finances. I would say the general rule of thumb here is the higher on the food chain you eat, the more important organic becomes because the higher on the food chain you eat the more concentrated the toxins become.

Keep in mind that all of those pesticides, herbicides, fungicides all of those things along with the horomones and the antibiotics and the things that are used in in animal husbandry in this country. They move in the fats. They move in the fats of the animal. They move in the fats of the vegetable. So if you are looking at olive oil or you are looking at canola oil you are looking at plant matter that has been squished huge, vast amounts of plant matter that have been squished to create that oil. So you are it would be like eating an entire field of corn to get you know a cup of corn oil. It is a lot of corn that you would have to eat. Where if you ate just that one piece of corn you are the toxic load is very small. So think about that when you are feeding a cow. You know again eating that one ear of corn, no big deal, but to grow a cow if they are being fed corn, you need the whole field.

So you want to be really careful as you move up the food chain. From a budgetary standpoint, I would worry less about vegetables, I would worry less about grains, and less about fruits than I would about animal proteins and fats. And those fats, that is not just animals fats, that is also vegetable fats and well there is really are not fruit fats, but you know what you know where I am going with that. So it is really important to look at when you are looking at it from a budgetary standpoint you want to look at spending that money on your dietary fats and your animal proteins. You can spend less of that money on organic greens and grains. It is still really important if you have the ability to do it I would do it particularly for small children but if you need to cut corners somewhere, do not skimp on your dietary fats and do not skimp on your animal proteins

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