NYT Admits Merck’s Covid Drug Could Mutate DNA, Cause Cancer & Damage Male Fertility

An alarming admission was found near the bottom of a recent New York Times article about pharmaceutical giant Merck’s new Covid drug molnupiravir.

Approved by the FDA two weeks ago, the drug was studied on isolated hamster cells for 32 days before being given the green light.

While the FDA narrowly voted to recommend emergency use authorization for the drug, France’s National Authority of Health on Friday cited the pill’s own lack of efficacy as it ruled it will not be used in the European nation.

According to the NYT report, “A team of researchers at the University of North Carolina studied the use of molnupiravir in isolated hamster cells over 32 days and found that the drug did induce mutations in DNA. Those mutations could ‘contribute to the development of cancer, or cause birth defects either in a developing fetus or through incorporation into sperm precursor cells,’ the authors of that study wrote.”

Nothing to see here, just the New York Times casually mentioning that Merck’s new miracle COVID drug…

Might actually mutate healthy human DNA by accident. pic.twitter.com/WYVgKetOU2

— Cabot Phillips (@cabot_phillips)

The article goes on to explain that the Merck drug only targets dividing cells, which are sparse in adults, in order to pose less of a risk to the DNA.

One of the researchers who worked on the UNC hamster study, Ronald Swanstrom, argued that adults have enough dividing cells to cause concern.

Specifically, Swanstrom said males are constantly creating dividing sperm cells that could potentially carry mutations.

“The FDA advisers also noted that the risks could extend to other patients, including men wanting to become fathers, though those risks remain poorly understood and Merck said its own studies had turned up no evidence that the drug causes DNA mutations,” the Times article stated.

Allowing a drug like this to be sold is just more proof the federal government is completely sold out to Big Pharma.

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