One Blogger’s Obsession With Clean Eating Nearly Killed Her | Delish

Working out was the only thing that relieved the anxiety she felt as a student at UCLA, and it was a healthy way to manage her stress. Until it started to take over her life.

“I clung to that workout every day,” the Addicted To Lovely blogger explained. “I needed it to feel better. It turned into working out longer and harder every day, and it spiraled out of control.”

Around that time, Rice got into clean eating, a movement based on eating whole, minimally processed foods. She’d been having digestive issues, and after reading horror stories about the dangers of sugar, carbs, and fat online, she started restricting her diet to focus only on the cleanest, “purest” foods. The 23-year-old cut out all sweets, fruit, starches, and most fats. Without intending to, Rice started losing weight at a dramatic pace, dropping 40 pounds in less than three months.

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