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Most of us are aware of the health benefits that organic food has to offer.

However, a common perception is that organic food is also supposed to help in weight loss. Is that the true or just a myth? Let us discuss all the scientific facts related to this.

In this blog, we discuss the connection between organic food and weight loss.

1- Consumption Of More Fiber

It’s commonly known that eating more fiber can help  lose weight. An organic food diet mostly consists of raw vegetables and fruits. Therefore, an organic food diet can help you lose those extra pounds.

Fiber is any type of carbohydrate that the human body cannot digest. But fiber still helps you the feel full for a longer time. Therefore, fiber can play an important role in the journey toward weight loss.

2- Low on Carbohydrates

The human body can consume two kinds of substances for fuels. These substances are ketones and carbohydrates. Ketones come from the fat we eat and the fat that’s stored in our body. On the other hand, carbohydrates come from carb-based food we eat, including rice, grains, and different fruits.

When we consume too many carbohydrates, our body gets more adaptive at using carbohydrates as the source of energy . Instead of using up the stored fat, the body would use up the available carbohydrates and not get rid of the available fat.

This is where organic food comes in handy. Organic food is lower on carbohydrates than other foods. By consuming organic food, you’re allowing your body to break down the already present fat. The breakdown of fat can lead to weight loss in the long term.

3 – Free From Artificial Additives

Nowadays, most vegetables, crops, and fruits are preserved through the use of artificial preservatives and additives. For example, animals are given growth hormones through feed and preservatives. The growth hormones have increased health issues in people, especially in young females. One of the issues is the increased risk of obesity.

This probability of weight increase can be removed by using organic food as organic food is grown without pesticides. Organic animals are also raised as farm animals without any growth hormones.

Now that you’re aware of how organic food can help in your weight journey, it’s time to go organic.

At SF Mart, we have a whole section of organic food, including organic bitter melon tea and organic whole oat groats that can help speed up your weight loss journey.

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