ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCTION – GOAL R50 000 – Click ‘n Donate, Fundraising Worldwide, South Africa, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, Italy

Ntuli Farming Intelligence Pty Ltd is aiming at producing organic food. Implementing farming practices that are in line with environmental protection standards. Increasing our sales revenue in order to fast track food production in line with agriculture 4th industrial revolution technologies.

Challenging youth unemployment. Educating the public that through agriculture, poverty is inevitably.



Ntuli Farming Intelligence is made up by professional staff and dedicated individuals with a passion for making an impact in the agriculture sector through management of viable agriculture projects and products value. Additionally using full-time employees and hiring experts on a call basis.

Agriculture is a people business. The company strives to connect small farmers in the industry to share knowledge, resources and grow together. Therefore we encourage partnership, volunteerism, and mentorship among stakeholders along the value chain of our products.

The company focuses on serving individuals in the general community. The effort is through the creation of a reliable market with high-quality farm products that create satisfaction to both consumers and small scale-farmers.


Agriculture is constantly evolving, and we want to meet the challenges of changing the world by promoting continual education and training, build on our talents and develop new skills with the best use of available resources among the members of company’s value chain.


The best way to help people understand the role of women in agriculture and life sciences is to share information. We equip our members to be advocates of our industry and ensure members (majority women) receive sustainable income from the best farming practice, which encourages more food production.


We have all chosen our respective careers because we are excited and energized to be involved in agriculture and making a difference. This passion runs as a common thread that unites us all other farmers in the industry.

The ability to feed the future is vested on proper conservation of the land and environment we are living in today. Biodiversity Conservation measures are part of our agriculture practices.

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