Organic Immune and Gut Enhancer: Can nutrition alter equine performance?

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You probably would have heard the terms pro and prebiotics in a TV ad or seen it on various packaging in the super market, did you know that they are not only important for humans but also for horses?
Steve Elliot MSc, PAS, Global Director of the Equine Division at Alltech will discover what are pro and prebiotics, what do they do for your horse and most importantly why does your horse need them!

The effects of modern feeding management have taken a great toll on our horse’s health and resulting in more horses suffering from two of the most common equine ailments: ulcers and colic.

However, help is on its way with a better understand of the equine digestive trackt and new technologies, researchers found two organic nutrients that can help reduce the incidence of these life threating diseases: Bio-Mos and Yea Sacc two products from the wall of a yeast. Steve will talk you through various studies that have shown the improvement of fibre digestion and mineral absorption by the addition of these yeast by products.

Hygain includes these most effective yeast products in most of our feeds, providing your horse with the best nutritional solutions available.

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