Organic Minerals: Can nutrition alter equine performance?

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Have you ever heard about the newest technologies on organic, more bio-available minerals that will support your horse’s bone health, coat quality, help with tying-up and reduce lactic acid levels? Then stay tuned and don’t miss this incredible online seminar by Steve Elliot MSc, PAS, Global Director of the Equine Division at Alltech

Steve will discuss one of the most interesting questions, whereas nutrition can actually enhance equine performance?
Bone health is a major concern amongst horse owners, Steve will talk about how lameness and breakdowns are caused and how they are linked back to mineral nutrition and how we can prevent these. He will also discover the risks of feeding too much or too little of a mineral and how it can affect the horse.
Further, a study on organic Selenium is being discussed on performance horses and the amazing results it has on the horse’s body resulting in less tying-up and/or muscle soreness.
Find out why and how bio-available chromium can reduce lactic acid levels and reduces stress in horses resulting in less exertion and enhance endurance capacity.
And don’t forget it is not the fastest horse that wins the race it is the horse that is least tired.

Hygain includes the above discussed organic minerals in all of our feeds, providing your horse with the best nutritional solutions available.

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