Pelvic Floor Strengthening Exercises – x3 Daily Routine

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Are you looking for pelvic floor strengthening exercises? Maybe you’re a postpartum woman, a man struggling with ejaculatory control, or a man or a woman struggling with incontinence or prolapse. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, this video is for you.

In this video, we’ll discuss the anatomy of the pelvic floor, why things can sometimes go wrong in this area, and share some exercises you can do at home to strengthen, coordinate, and bring awareness back to your pelvic floor muscles.

00:00 Pelvic Floor
00:54 Safety Disclaimer
01:04 Anatomy of the Pelvic Floor
03:01 Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
03:50 How to Engage Your Pelvic Floor
08:52 Corrective Exercises
08:55 Seated Pelvic Floor Exercise
10:57 Supine Pelvic Floor Exercise

There’s a group of muscles at the base of your pelvis called levator ani, which includes three primary muscles that make up your pelvic floor – the puborectalis, pubococcygeus, and iliococcygeus muscles. These key muscles control your urine, bowel and ejaculation, and in women they also support the uterus. They also affect your posture.

These muscles can become weak and cause problems. The most common causes are childbirth where they can become strained or torn, age where they can become atrophied, and also through a lack of use – if you’re sitting down all day, it can lead to weakened pelvic floor muscles.

A key thing to remember is that your pelvic floor diaphragm and your breathing diaphragm have a paradoxical relationship – when you exhale you can squeeze your pelvic floor muscles much easier, when you inhale it’s much harder to squeeze those muscles. In our exercises we’ll work at the bottom of the exhale, where your breathing diaphragm is relaxed and there’s more space to squeeze.

DISCLAIMER – this video is for educational purposes only. If you have major pelvic floor dysfunction, please check with a health care provider before practicing any self-care routine.

Aim to do up to three rounds of each exercise, no more than three times a day. Don’t overdo it with these practices, otherwise you may trigger short-term constipation and anxiety.

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