Power Yoga: Why To Go For It & How Is It Different From The Other Yoga Types

Physical exercise and activity is of utmost importance to keep our body functions working smoothly. One of the earliest forms of physical exercise which focuses on both mind and body is yoga. Not many people know that yoga is also of different types, each type of yoga has its own benefits and focus points. Most common type of traditional yoga is actually much more beneficial for concentration, mental health, flexibility and calmness. Whereas Power yoga is focussed more towards physical agility, strength, endurance and muscle functions. Therefore today, we will discuss about power yoga and how is it different from other traditional types of yoga.

What is Power Yoga?

Basically power yoga is a form of vinyasa yoga originally. This type of yoga is focussed towards building core strength and endurance in the body. Power yoga has gained more popularity in last two decades. It is based on the roots of Ashtanga yoga which was practised in beginning of 20th century.

The major difference which makes it different from other forms of yoga is that it is quite fast paced and the movements happen in quick succession. All the poses are connected with each other having some link between the two, hence the flow continues while performing this type of yoga. It is no less than any physical training or workout regime. Power yoga also helps to burn your calories quickly and increases your breathing power.

Difference between Power Yoga and Other Forms of Yoga

Power yoga has characteristics that are different from other types of yoga in these ways-

1. Speed of power yoga

The moves and poses in power yoga change very quickly and there is not much break between the movements. A person doing this type of yoga does not get to take rest and has to continue the movements until that series of yoga is done.

This enables a person to focus on his breathing rate and slow it down gradually. When a person becomes confortable with power yoga, he will have more resistance and breathing power than other. This is not the case with other types of yoga as it gives break between different postures and technique. It also aids in increasing the restorative experience and automatically improves the cardiovascular problems.

2. Sequence is important

In most forms or types of yoga, sequences of yogic postures are not much important. You can perform different postures and exercises in random series, which does not affect the benefit of that type of yoga. In power yoga, there is a particular sequence that one needs to follow in order to have the benefits. This yoga needs to be done in a precise manner and in the same sequence as told by the instructor or expert.

Because of this, it can improve your spine health and also reduce the risk of postural deformities which usually occur in the later stages of life. Therefore in power yoga, remember the sequence of exercise and postures.

3. Flow Of Exercise

Flow of exercise in power yoga is also pre-defines and changing in the flow can alleviate stress or put exertion on the body. This is usually not the case with other types of yoga. Power yoga gives emphasis more towards the pose, breathing techniques, and achieving the right posture of exercise. Therefore it becomes different from usual or traditional form of yoga. Each posture needs to have right flow to do it well.

What are the benefits of Power Yoga?

1. It improves cardiovascular health

Since it focuses on breathing power and intense exercise, it is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It is a fast pace training schedule which involves having many different postures connected to each other. This makes the person have improvement in these functions-

Power yoga can actually be considered a cardiovascular exercise because it helps to improve functions related to heart health and lungs. This also helps in building stronger bones and aids weight loss.

2. Core Strength

Power yoga itself is defined as increase in strength because of fast paced exercises which are a part of this yoga. There are few poses of sequences that go longer than a minute or more which actually increases the core strength in the body and helps to make your muscles stronger. Also while holding the body in a particular pose during a sequence, it puts pressure on the muscles which boost core strength and agility.

3. Improves Motor Controls

According to a study published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine, people that suffer from Parkinson disease at a initial stage can also improve their condition if they perform power yoga for at least twice in a week. It can improve their condition significantly. Power yoga improves motor controls, and reduces muscle rigidity and tremors among people.

4. Weight Loss

Since it is highly intensive in nature, power yoga can also burn many calories which can aid you in your weight loss journey. Power yoga is beneficial in the cases where not much exercises can be done outside the home. It can also help to improve muscle strength, tone and flexibility in people. Power yoga can also make you aware about importance of diet because movements are sometimes complex, which can cause tiredness if you are not having proper nutritious diet.

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