Race Day! Will She Qualify? | 3:53 to 3:30 Marathon Attempt Ep6

Welcome to the FINAL episode of the Quarantine to Qualifier series.

It’s time for race day at Berlin Marathon. Watch as Anna gets ready for the final pay-off, aiming to run a Boston Marathon Qualifying time at the Abbott World Marathon Major in Germany.

She’s got one final pep-talk from coach Andy Hobdell before tackling the race. Will the help of a team of experts and the support of adidas and The Running Channel community throughout her training help Anna reach that finish line in 3 hours and 30 minutes? Watch now to find out!

↓↓ Are you running an autumn marathon this year? Where? And have you got a time goal in mind? Or have you got any words of support for Anna? Tell us in the comments ↓↓

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04:01 RACE DAY
18:11 DID SHE DO IT?

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