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These relaxing stretches for stiff and sore muscles can help relax the whole body. Perform each stretch for about 20-30 seconds for the perfect full body stretch. More full body stretching with Dr. Jo:

Starting off with your neck and working your way down, you will do neck or cervical rotations, neck sidebends, shoulder circles, and scapular or shoulder squeezes. You don’t have to hold these stretches, this is just to get the muscles moving to relax them.

Then you will go into a trunk rotation, hamstring stretches, and thoracic or upper back side bends.

Finally, a whole body stretch making big circles from above your head to your toes will do a great job of relaxing those stiff muscles. Then to finish, some deep breathing will help get some increased oxygen into your system. You can do the deep breathing with your chest area or diaphragmatic breathing from your belly.

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Relaxing Stretches for Stiff Muscles:

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