Retd. Col Shares How Became A Mom To His Pregnant Daughter

Ask a woman and she’ll tell you how even after decades of being married and having her own family, she still gets excited when going to her parent’s place. Watching dad bring her favourite fast food and seeing mom take care of her kids makes her at peace. But nothing can be as devastating for a child as losing a parent.

This dad also wanted his daughter to get the best care, food, and nourishment his late wife would have otherwise given to their daughter knowing she was pregnant. But since fighting comes naturally to this retired colonel, he decided to make his deceased wife proud by stepping into her shoes and not making their daughter feel motherless at such happy times.

Taking to Twitter, Sanjay Pande shared how he became his daughter’s mother and prepared all the traditional food and diet for her by taking help from the internet, books, and the elderly.

He tweeted:

1. My wife passed away and a year plus later my daughter informed me that I was going to be a grand dad soon. Traditionally, I, father, as lone surviving parent, would have been most useless guy around in pregnancy days, post pregnancy period, baby’s growth etc. I was a fighter.

— Col Sanjay Pande (Retd) (@ColSanjayPande) May 8, 2022

He managed to make the first batch of laddus for 30 days. But the problem was transporting them from Delhi to the UK. Well, he even had a solution to that.

3. Vaccum packing machine, food grade plastics, freezing laddus for 96 hrs, packing as sending them by parcel to UK!!! The first lot saved my daughters life since she was eating nothing. 15 days later the second different type of laddus were made and frozen. 21st day dispatched!

— Col Sanjay Pande (Retd) (@ColSanjayPande) May 8, 2022

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He did some intensive research in India before feeding anything to his daughter in a foreign land. Despite the covid-induced lockdown, he made sure his daughter was provided with everything.

5. Eighth month, Seventh, Sixth, Fifth, Fourth, Third, Second and the month of due date. I fed her nutrients from here. CoVID did not permit travel. All eight months she was fed in UK what she would have got here. Now my challenge in July was WHAT to feed her post-pregnancy?

— Col Sanjay Pande (Retd) (@ColSanjayPande) May 8, 2022

Not just during her pregnancy, he ensured his daughter was provided with all the desi food she needed post-pregnancy. He went back to researching and became a master in making superfood-packed traditional laddus.

7. I became master. Mixing ingredients, balancing calories and seeing the effect with own eyes. From Jan 19 to date, the flow of this special mothers food was given by me, a father, to my daughter. It continues. It’s been a year that the grand kid feeds on my Laddu as start of

— Col Sanjay Pande (Retd) (@ColSanjayPande) May 8, 2022

Today, Pande knows perfect recipes for more than 12 laddus that women require from conception to the baby crossing a year of age.

8. day. Today I have perfect recipes of more than 12 laddus that women require from conception to the baby crossing a year of age. I feel so proud of myself that I did not let my wife down. My daughter swears by me and refuses to touch anything given by others. Interesting?

— Col Sanjay Pande (Retd) (@ColSanjayPande) May 8, 2022

He now takes pride that he fulfilled his duty and didn’t let his late wife down.

9. I never realised that what I did from Jan 2019 up to today was anything but my duty. A random thought triggered the thread today. I am amazed at response, comments, suggestions & kind words from Twitter friends. Admitting unashamedly, you all made me cry today. Love you all.

— Col Sanjay Pande (Retd) (@ColSanjayPande) May 8, 2022

His thread moved people online who saluted this super dad for his act.

This thread is the testimony to the fact that Indian army has some of the best men in the world. They know how to conquer the unchartered territories.
Shat shat naman to a great dad! 🙏🏼

— Poha_Jalebi (@IndoreNagpur) May 8, 2022

I say this again, your kids are lucky to have you in their lives…Your wife must be proud of you and smiling from above👏👏

— Jaishree (@laxjai) May 8, 2022

Really great sir , she is lucky to born as your daughter sir, your concern about her is amazing sir , we r all with u sir , our blessings to your daughter sir , 🙏

— Victor Mars (@VictorMars15) May 9, 2022

A father is usually the most ignored person around, but not less caring than the mother
Sorry for your loss and happy for you for being a proud grandfather
Can’t praise enough your dedication towards your daughter

— The Storm Within (@boot2legger) May 8, 2022

Beautiful. Brilliant. Great job sir.

I know a lady who helps women throughout the pregnancy cycle, making body ready normal delivery, post delivery exercises & diets, tips on breastfeeding etc. Have seen many many ladies benefit.

Her insta page here:

— Gupta Ji (@my_musings_ind) May 9, 2022

As a daughter I am very proud of you!! As a mother I bow down and touch your feet🙏 A mother’s place can never be taken by anyone but father can reach the closest to it❣️ Lots and lots of love to the family 💟

— Dr. Kiran Rawat (@Kiranra12772182) May 8, 2022

You have made us all smile and happy vibes chief…just a random tweets showed up on timeline and it’s has made my day …proud of you …and happy for you …your wife would be so proud from heaven ..and the little one would fill with joy as well in future

— mayank (@yomaddyboy) May 9, 2022

Got emotion reading the whole journey as well Sir.
Remarkable and inspiring to say the least.

— Amit Bandivadekar (@RajBandivadekar) May 8, 2022

You have done beyond anything mothers, husbands, mother in laws, sisters or friends do.
Your daughter is lucky to have you.

The thread brought tears to my eyes. Most women reading the thread cannot claim to have received what you so naturally and dutifully did for your daughter.

— sangeetha (@sangeeetha_) May 8, 2022

Don’t know about you but I got teary-eyed on reading this thread. Parents are definitely God sent. Your kids would be so proud of you, sir!

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