RUNNING A MARATHON Taught Me The Biggest Lesson In Life.

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9 weeks ago I decided to commit to the hardest physical challenge of my whole life – Running A Marathon. This goal was on my bucket list for so many years and finally I dedicated the time to actually do it. I bought all the necessary equipment and set up a training plan for a total of 29 runs and 409km which should hopefully prepare my body for running the marathon. I pushed my mental and physical capabilities to their absolute limits and gave my everything to achieve this goal. In this video you join me on this turbulent journey with all of its highs and lows along the way.

0:00 Intro
0:49 My Training Plan
2:41 Buying The Right Equipment
4:14 The First Runs
6:43 Long Runs In The Rain
9:36 Painful Stretching And Muscle Training
12:25 The Beauty Of A Runner’s High
14:42 My Body Is Evolving
17:43 No Ticket And Leg Injury
22:44 One Last Try
24:22 Running The Marathon
31:55 I Did It!
33:53 Behind The Scenes

A massive THANK YOU to all my friends who helped me shoot this film!

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