SHOULDER INJURY From Vaccine (SIRVA) ~ Watch before getting the COVID vaccine! (NOT Anti-Vax)

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I am not anti-vax. Just wanted to share my experience and raise awareness of a surprisingly common injury that can result from a vaccine being administered incorrectly.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Injury claims related to COVID-19 vaccines currently cannot be filed through the VICP. But we hope that can change soon. Skip to 11:08 for more info.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:01:44 – What is SIRVA?
0:03:14 – My Story
0:07:52 – Prevention
0:08:46 – Treatment / Solutions
0:10:36 – Compensation
0:16:51 – Closing Thoughts

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Study: “Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration and other injection site events” includes information on SIRVA and prevention methods:


Prevent Shoulder Injuries During Covid-19 Vaccinations:

More info on landmarking techniques + list of resources:

Exercises for rotator cuff tendinitis (scroll down to “Treatment and compensation”):

WEBINAR: Understanding the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program with Shannon Law Group, P.C.

Find your Representative:

Script for contacting your Representative about adding COVID-19 vaccines to the VICP:

Vaccine Injury Table:

(Note: Location of attorneys doesn’t matter since the VICP is federal. It can be handled over the phone and via email)
Articles on SIRVA + vaccine injury attorney websites:
Shannon Law Group (Chicago, IL) “What is SIRVA?”
Paul Brazil (Dresher, PA) “SIRVA Injury, SIRVA Treatment & Symptoms” (includes news coverage of SIRVA)
Leah Durant (Washington D.C.) “How Can I Recover Financial Compensation for SIRVA?”

HHS proposed to remove SIRVA from the vaccine injury table, but thankfully the rule change is in the process of being withdrawn! This means that seeking compensation for SIRVA is still accessible to those who meet the criteria. More info here:

HHS original rule change proposal on the federal register (WITHDRAWN):

Federal Register Rule Change Officially Withdrawn:


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This video is not sponsored in any way. I produced this to share my experience and increase awareness of this condition, and provide information on prevention and solutions.

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