S’pore Woman Loses 42kg Within 2 Years Through Walking & Intermittent Fasting

Woman Walks At Least 6km Five Times A Week, Loses 42kg

Intense workouts and diets often come to mind when we think about losing weight.

But 35-year-old Jasmin Ting lost a whopping 42kg in less than two years through walking and intermittent fasting.

Ok down another 12kg! Officially lose 42kg! Not going back to 110kg! Thanks to pandemic period! Only positive result I want during covid period! Been lazy so looking back at old pic to motivate myself again! Slowly but surely! #covid #fypsg #FYP #tiktoksg #weighloss #beforeafter #slowlybutsurely #intermittentfasting #weightlossjourney #SG

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Despite achieving the incredible feat of going from 110kg to 68kg, Jasmin is not done yet.

Speaking to AsiaOne, she said she hopes to continue her fitness journey, achieve a healthy BMI, and reach her ideal weight of 55kg.

Woman loses 42kg in less than two years

Over a year ago, Jasmin weighed in at 110kg. One day, she got a rude awakening when she climbed a flight of stairs and barely made it up five steps before having to catch her breath.

Source: @eggtingg on TikTok

With that, she began her weight loss journey. She shared her journey on Tuesday (23 Aug) in a TikTok video.

The compilation of photos and videos from the start of the pandemic till now showed Jasmin in various stages of her weight loss journey.

Source: @eggtingg on TikTok

Today, she weighs 68kg and has lost a total of 42kg since then.

Source: @eggtingg on TikTok

Walks at least 6km five times a week

There are no cheat codes to lose weight, but Jasmin’s weight loss journey shows that it doesn’t have to be complicated. She did it with a combination of intermittent fasting and walking.

Although she did static exercises, Jasmin shared with AsiaOne that walking was her main form of exercise.

Source: @eggtingg on TikTok

She would walk between 6km and 10km at least five times a week.

Jasmin shared that she loves walking and listening to her favourite music. In contrast, she dislikes jogging.

She also prefers exercising outdoors instead of in a gym as she found gyms intimidating. She added that the environment made her “feel fat”.

However, she felt comfortable being in the ladies section of Woodlands ActiveSG Gym.

Aims to achieve a healthy BMI

Despite her achievement, Jasmin said she’s far from done. At 68kg, her BMI value, calculated against her height of 162cm, now stands at 25.9.

According to HealthHub, Jasmin is still at moderate risk for obesity-related diseases.

She shared with AsiaOne that she hopes to reach a healthy BMI and her ideal weight of 55kg. A healthy BMI range is between 18.5 and 22.9.

Embarking on this journey has made her prioritise keeping fit and healthy. Jasmin realised she needed to be responsible for her body and health, as she didn’t want to burden her family with illnesses now or in the future.

Her weight loss journey is by no means a smooth sailing one, and Jasmin said that reading the uplifting comments and positive reactions to her TikTok video has reignited her motivation.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 11,300 views.

Source: @eggtingg on TikTok

Many netizens have shared that Jasmin is a source of inspiration for them as they now feel compelled to get serious about their own fitness journey.

Source: @eggtingg on TikTok

Jasmin shared that words of affirmation like these keep her going even on challenging days.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Staying disciplined and committed is the hardest part of a fitness journey.

Kudos to Jasmin for not only achieving the remarkable feat of losing 42kg but also wanting to do better and get fitter.

We wish her all the best as she continues her journey and hopes she continues to inspire more people along the way.

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Featured image adapted from @eggtingg on TikTok.

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