Steamboat Athletes Workshop ties physical fitness with mental prosperity

With its soft launch in August, Steamboat Athletes Workshop has set forth a plan to promote and provide avenues for the improvement of the Steamboat community’s physical, mental and social well-being. 

To achieve this goal, the company has planned to create relationships around town and host panel discussions for local athletes to learn and discuss topics that are not always explored. This spring, it plans to open up to athletes for more specific coaching opportunities that can cover one or multiple disciplines. 

“Your body is your only temple,” said mental health and mindset coach Pete Dopkin. “That is the place for us to look at and just help people achieve whatever goals they are looking to set both emotionally, nutritionally or physically and sometimes all three.”

Dopkin finds the importance in sharing an understanding of how training in sport connects to nutrition and wellness. The way a person eats and the way they think can have an effect on athletic performance, according to Dopkin. 

“We are an open opportunity for people trying to be their best selves and that is our goal,” Dopkin said. 

Upon launch, Steamboat Athletes Workshop hosted its first panel discussion on Aug. 3 to talk about mental fortitude and mindset. The second panel covered utilizing physical therapy for longevity in your health and injury prevention. 

The third panel will be a winter gear showcase for local businesses to show off their equipment and give the public an opportunity to get more context and information surrounding winter gear ahead of the ski season. That panel will run on Thursday, Oct. 27, at MANIC training. 

Steamboat Athlete Workshop will be hosting a winter gear showcase and panel at MANIC training on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022.
Pete Dopkin/Courtesy image

The goal is to continue hosting panels approximately every month to build relationships and spark interest in potential clients ahead of the launch of the coaching programs. 

“This concept of these community panels and seminars and workshops was born out of the brainstorming from this summer,” said Steamboat Athletes Workshop employee Britni Johnson. “It is a way to integrate with the community, connect with our referral network, bring businesses and other individuals without our community together in an open and engaged platform to benefit both business and self in the space of sport.”

Ian Gale, the founder of Steamboat Athletes Workshop, said the idea to start this company had been in his mind for several years. 

With the high number of athletes and active members of the community, Gale found an importance in bringing his idea to life in Steamboat.

He recognized that being fit can mean a whole lot more than just in the physical sense. Your mind and body often work together to achieve fitness and Gale’s hope is to specialize the training and tailor it to the needs of each individual client. 

“I’ve seen the need for putting the pieces together for everybody,” Gale said. “So hopefully we can do that with collaboration with other PT clinics, yoga, pilates, strength and conditioning. We’re not going to offer everything but we are going to work together to find the best fit for the person at the right time.”

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