Surviving Meth Addiction and Abuse – Detox to Rehab

True Stories of Addiction: Patrick

Patrick grew up in a wonderful home with amazing parents but had troubles fitting in with the other children at his school because he is gay. Patrick didn’t know he was gay at the time, because he was so young, but the other kids would make fun of him and throw rocks at him because he was different. Patrick tried everything he could to fit in but whatever he did, even if other kids were doing it, he would get made fun of. The abuse Patrick suffered cause him to be afraid of himself and dislike who he was.

As Patrick grew older, he moved around a lot and was always seeking out men for the perfect fairy tale relationship. However, Patrick’s co-dependency issues caused him to go after the wrong guys for unhealthy reasons. As he was dating different men, he got an amazing job as an editor for a huge magazine and he made it big. He could walk into whatever restaurant he wanted to and get a seat immediately by just dropping his name. Unfortunately, Patrick didn’t know how to handle being so well-known due to his childhood trauma.

Patrick was still working his job but ended up finding a man he thought he could settle down with and start a family. He was done with the dating scene and was glad that he finally found what he believed at the time, a good man.

This “good man” ended up having anger issues and started beating Patrick. The abuse was too much for Patrick to handle, but he couldn’t seem to leave his boyfriend. Instead, he started lashing out at others and lost his job, because he couldn’t keep his cool due to the trauma he was suffering at home.

Meth Addiction and Abuse

After Patrick lost his job, he felt like he was a loser and wanted to start using drugs to drown his emotions. Patrick didn’t know where to get drugs, so, he put an add on craigslist hoping to find someone to introduce him to the drug scene. Surprisingly, his add worked and he met his new boyfriend who also showed him how to get and use drugs like he wanted.

His relationship with this man was everything he always wanted; Patrick describes it as a perfect relationship, but there was so much drug abuse it was hard for them to move forward as they wanted to in life as a couple.

Patrick’s boyfriend ended up passing away due to the severe drug abuse, but he never told his family that he was gay, and so when Patrick woke up to his boyfriend dead and when he contacted his family, he was banned from even going to the funeral. Being band from the funeral caused Patrick to act out. He now did not care if he lived or died.

Patrick needed to get his mind off of his boyfriend, so he took a vacation to Las Vegas to see two of his favorite artists in concert. Even though he was super excited for the show, he couldn’t seem to get out of his hotel room- he wouldn’t stop using the drugs he had on him. After being awake for 3 or 4 days, Patrick realized that the window in his hotel room opens and he is on the 26th floor.

He opens the window, looks below him and is watching the beautiful lights of the Las Vegas Strip. He wants to be a part of those lights and decided he wanted to jump to them. Patrick wanted to call his mom before he jumped though, and ended up dialing her number.

His mother found out where he was and sent the police immediately. As he was about to jump, the police and paramedics knocked on his door and he was escorted out in a stretcher and put into the hospital.

Finding Recovery After Meth Addiction and Abuse

After a few days of being in this hospital, Patrick realizes he is worth living and his whole outlook on life changed. Patrick wants everyone to know that if you do come to the 12-step program you will find a place where you belong. He believes the 12-step program will help anyone no matter how broken you are, there will always be someone there for you if you are in the 12-step rooms.

Patrick had been treated differently due to his sexuality all his life, and all he wanted his whole life was to be accepted, and although he was shocked at first, he is now a part of a men’s meeting group where he is accepted and has friends.

Patrick is okay with who he is now, and is giving back to other people by helping them through their recovery. He is the person he always wanted to be without Meth, drugs or alcohol all because he gave himself another chance at life.

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