The 5 Stages Of Discovering Your Personal Dharma

The obstacles you must overcome to bring that vision to reality are the training you need to embody your dharma and share it with the world.

You were born with unique gifts that you’re meant to share with others. These gifts may not be fully nurtured, but they are there, waiting for you to tap into them. Perhaps you are aware of these gifts but fear is stopping you from sharing them. Or perhaps your ego won’t allow you to remember what they are (as your ego is just the bodyguard of your soul). It’s not so much about finding your dharma as much as it’s remembering your dharma.

Though my journey began with Ayurveda, the story I ended up sharing again and again was the story behind the story—how I created this reality. What I’ve realized is Ayurveda doesn’t just inform us about our health, but on a deeper level about who we are. It teaches us to harmonize the mind and body so we can be guided by the subtleties of our souls.

Through my podcast, I have interviewed hundreds of people on their dharmic journey and found a common thread. Here it is:

Your interest shifts from improving yourself to knowing yourself. You begin to realize that you are not your body or your mind, but rather a soul living in a body with a mind. You are hungry to learn about every spiritual topic such as yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, ecstatic dance, shamanism, and more.

You may do some solo travel to spiritual destinations like Bali, India, or Peru, or have the desire to. Your entire worldview shifts as you become aware of the limiting beliefs passed down intergenerationally and begin to do the healing work.

Your family and friends may not recognize you anymore and label you as crazy. This may be a difficult phase where you face loneliness, but know that you are making these important shifts to come in alignment with your truth. You begin to realize that there is a whole world of possibilities you haven’t been aware of before. This is when the seed of dharma sprouts.

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