This 5 Minute TEST will Transform Your Running Forever

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Learn one of the most important skills that every runner must master to get better at running! This test will help you learn how to pace yourself properly on your long runs, so that you can run for longer without getting tired. When it comes to learning how to run properly, this is a great skill to practice and will help you with everything from training for your first 5K to marathon training and beyond.


➜ This will transform your next long run (EASY RUNNING FORM):

➜ How to calculate your perfect running pace (THE EASY WAY):

➜ Powerful techniques ELITE runners use to run faster (YOU CAN TOO):






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ABOUT ME: I’m James Dunne, a runner, sports rehabilitation therapist (similar to physical therapist) and coach based in the UK (Norwich and London).

Since 2007 I’ve been working with athletes focusing specifically on helping distance runners and triathletes overcome injury and improve performance through developing their individual running technique.

Running biomechanics and physical therapy are real passions of mine. I love to help runners run strong and stay injury free.


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