This Man Lost 70 Pounds With Intermittent Fasting. What He Experienced Next Was Life Changing.

I’m so excited to be sharing Stephen’s weight loss and wellness journey today. Life can be full of amazing, beautiful moments, but it can also have it’s difficulties as well. Stephen’s story highlights how even after experiencing such incredible difficulties (in his case, the loss of a loved one), you can still experience joy, energy and community again.

Along Stephen’s weight loss journey, he’s not only lost 70 pounds, but as an added bonus he has gained back his energy levels and formed a new community with the AENpeeps!

Please welcome Stephen! And make sure to say hi to him in the private AEN Facebook group if you haven’t already!❤️

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a single, full time father of the most amazing little 6 year old girl. Her mom passed away in 2017 and without getting to much into that story, I never noticed the depression and weight gain that came with not dealing with the passing of a loved one until it was to late. Last year I stepped on a scale and I was 315lbs. I was sick to my stomach. I’ve always been a bigger/thicker guy but 315lbs wasn’t just being a thick guy anymore. I decided to go see my doctor and have all the proper blood work done to find out I was on the brink of really hurting myself. It was at that point I knew I had to start making the proper changes to start healing.

After a couple of months trying things on my own and watching a few YouTube videos here and there, I found [Autumn’s] videos online and realized, even though I was off to a good start, I had so much more to learn.

Now I’ve lost nearly 70lbs following your videos and reading your blogs and nerding out everyday on nutrition. I have another 45lbs to go to reach my 200lbs goal and I feel confident with having you and your team and all the AEN PEEPS behind me giving my that little push and support I need on the days I really need it.

Which Program are you following?

I’m still following the 21 day intermittent fasting program.

Did you have any hesitations before you got started?

I had no hesitations, I knew if I didn’t start on this journey, it was only going to get worse, so I jumped in with two feet.

What’s the biggest wellness win you’ve experienced?

Of course the weight loss has been nice. 70lbs is a small human.

I have to say though, the energy levels and the confidence I’ve gained back in my life have been able to help me deal with the depression I was facing after losing my daughters mother.

What are your favorite meals?

I can’t say that I have a favourite meal lol

However. I’m on that smoothie train you’re always talking about and absolutely love all of them. well maybe not the ones with coffee but that a personal choice.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I just really want to talk you, your team and all the AEN PEEPS that have been so supportive. It can be overwhelming putting yourself out there when you’ve fallen so far off the path but everyone has been so great and kind, it really warms my heart and keeps me motivated to reach all my goals.

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