Top 10 Best Herbs for Your Nerves (Nervous System Boost)

What are the best herbs for your nerves to boost the health of your nervous system? Watch this video to find out!
💥Best Herbs for the Nervous System [Full Guide] ➜ ➜ ➜ Coming Soon!

🟦 Best Vitamin Supplements for Nerves:
▪ Omega-3 –​
▪ Vitamin B12 –​
▪ Vitamin B6 –​
▪ Acetyl-L-carnitine –​
▪ Curcumin –​
▪ Alpha-lipoic acid –​
▪ Vitamin D –​

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➡️ Ginkgo Biloba
This herb has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries due to the fact that it has been shown to improve memory and cognitive functioning while helping to decrease levels of stress and anxiety.

➡️ Valerian Root
Throughout history, this herb has been used as a treatment method for insomnia and it still proves to be beneficial for those with sleep disorders today.

➡️ Avena Sativa
This herb is loaded with beneficial components that are great for nourishing the central nervous system.

➡️ Ashwagandha
This is yet another anti-inflammatory herb that provides antioxidant effects which can help the body decrease levels of stress.

➡️ Scutellaria
Studies found that this herb offers several musculoskeletal benefits for our muscles and joints. Many people don’t realize that it can benefit the nervous system as well.

➡️ Rhodiola
It’s an herb that has anti-inflammatory properties which have been shown to have neuroprotective effects on the nervous system.

➡️ Chamomile
You’ve probably heard of the notorious chamomile tea beverage because it is widely consumed around the world.

➡️ Passionflower
It’s another herb that has calming effects on the nervous system which means that it can be beneficial for stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

➡️ Holy Basil
This herb originated in Southeast Asia and has been used for medicinal purposes throughout history for the treatment of conditions anywhere from bronchitis to insect bites. Studies found that it can benefit the nervous system as well.

➡️ Lemon balm
As its name suggests, this herb has a refreshing lemon scent and is a part of the mint family. Traditionally, lemon balm has been widely used due to its cognitive and mood-enhancing benefits.

💥Best Herbs for the Nervous System [Full Guide] ➜ ➜ ➜ Coming Soon!


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0:41 – Ginkgo Biloba
1:21 – Valerian Root
1:54 – Avena Sativa
2:22 – Ashwagandha
3:13 – Scutellaria
3:50 – Rhodiola


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