Vajroli / Sahajoli Mudra Men & Women S*exual Disorder @Yoga With Shaheeda #vajroli #sahjoli

#vajrolimudra #sahajolimudra #Yogawithshaheeda

0:17 Introduction
0:46 Major benefits of Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra
04:11 Siddha asana siddh yoni asana to sit in Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra
06:06 Technique Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra
07:17 Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra with internal retention of breath
08:19 Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra normal breathing
09:51 Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra with naukasana technique1
10:47 Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra with naukasana technique 2
11:41 Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra with naukasana technique 3
12:46 Vajroli/ Sahajoli Mudra with naukasana technique 4
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Yoga with shaheeda

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