WEEK OF WORKOUTS | weight training, my workout split + getting lean & building muscle

week of workouts!! building muscle, strength training, getting lean + my workout split! this video includes all of my FORM TIPS & CUES for my strength work for the week, mobility, warms ups, core work, daily steps, & active rest! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it. much love always xx

LEG DAY WARMUP: 30 sec each
Knee to chest
Quad stretch walks + reaches
Hamstring stretch walks
Toy soldiers
90 90’s
Toe touch to squat
Deep Squat + Thoracic Reaches

MONDAY: glutes & hamstrings
Back Squat 10,8,8,10
1 & 1/2 SLDL 4×10
Hip Thrusts 3×10 + 1×15 + 10 sec hold
KB Sumo DL 3×15
Good mornings 3×15
Stability ball hamstring curls 2×15

UPPER BODY WARMUP: 30 sec each
Dowel shoulder rotations
Dowel windmills
External rotations

TUESDAY: back & biceps
Barbell Bent over row 4×8-10
Dual Lat Pull Downs 4×8-10
Face pulls 4×12-15
Straight arm pull downs 4×10-12
Supinated inverted row 3×15
DB curls 3×12
Alt hammer curls 3×10-12 each

WEDNESDAY: shoulders, triceps, chest
Military press 4×6-8
Incline chest press 4×15
Lateral raises 4×12
Tricep extensions 3×12
Banded chest fly’s 3×15
Tricep kickbacks 2×10 each
Dive bombers 2×8-10

THURSDAY: quads & glutes
Landmine front squat 4×6-8
Hip thrusts x15,12,8,6
DB RDL’s 4×8-12
Leg press 3×12
Sissy Squat or Heel Elevated Goblet Squats 3×15
Ipsilateral reverse lunges 3×8
Walking d ball lunges 2×20
*30min walk*

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