Welcome to Healthline Nutrition: A Letter from the Editor

Nevertheless, healthy eating is an important wellness goal for many people.

In a study conducted by Healthline Media, 72% of respondents said that “eating healthy and nutritious foods” was their most important health or wellness goal.

This really stood out to us, as it means the majority of these people wanted to eat well, yet fewer than one-third actually did so.

Change is hard, and life is busy. People want more than information and need actionable steps to get started, as well as support along their journey. Recommendations need to be accessible and affordable. Community and connection also matter.

In this field, we have a responsibility to challenge and broaden our definition of healthy eating and provide more appropriate and relevant recommendations to better help people meet their health and wellness goals.

Welcome to Healthline Nutrition, the newest brand from Healthline.

Our approach is all about healthy eating in the context of your real life. We know that for healthy eating to be doable and sustainable, it has to be realistic. You are at the center of your healthy eating journey, and we are here to support you in finding a long-term, healthy eating pattern that works for your needs, preferences, and culture.

To us, healthy eating is not about every dietary decision you make, but rather the overall trends of your choices — what your habits are like most of the time. Additionally, you won’t find us recommending quick-fix solutions or promoting fad diets.

All of our nutrition information is based on studies, which you’ll find cited in numbered, clickable references in our content. Our articles are written and medically reviewed by registered dietitians — who are experts in their fields but real people, too. They have their own healthy eating journeys, and they’re happy to share those perspectives with you.

Our aim is to meet you where you are in your healthy eating journey, whether you want to learn about supplements, dive into meal prep, focus on weight management, discover diets, shop, or learn about eating for specific health conditions.

We want to help you implement doable, lasting change that you can put into action today with our “just one thing” takeaways, which you’ll see both on our article pages and in our upcoming newsletter challenge. During the challenge, you’ll receive exclusive tips — one per day for 20 days — designed to help build positive and sustainable eating habits.

We want to help bridge the gap between intentions and actions by providing realistic nutrition information paired with actionable takeaways you can implement in your life today.

We know healthy eating is hard, and you’re not alone in this. We’re in it together.

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