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What if Buildings started Walking?
Firstly, if Buildings started Walking, people may stop living in buildings altogether, tents may become extremely popular.
Secondly, if Buildings started Walking, cities will disappear overnight, people may have to migrate everyday.
Thirdly, if Buildings started Walking, movement of skyscrapers may feel like an earthquake to many.
Fourthly, if Buildings started Walking, employees may have to waste a lot of time chasing their office building, offices will never start on time.
Fifthly, if Buildings started Walking, Google Maps will stop working, finding an address will get extremely difficult.
Lastly, if Buildings started Walking, buildings might make a lot of noise while moving, sleeping at night might get very difficult.

0:00 – What if Buildings started Walking?
1:22 – What Would Happen if We Stopped Sleeping?
2:32 – What if we Swallow Chewing Gum?

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