Which Running Gadgets ACTUALLY Make You Faster?

Looking to improve your running, but don’t know how? Tired of your running form increasing your injury risk? Do not fear – the future of running is here!

Join Anna and Andy as they explore the growing market of running dynamics gadgets. We show you the best wearable performance tech on the market, as well as all of the metrics that these devices can measure – from ground time to gait, pace to power, and more.

↓↓ Which of these gadgets is your favourite? Do you think that running dynamics technology is the future? Which running metrics do you look at when you’re running? Let us know! ↓↓

What’s in this video?
00:00 What Does Each Metric Mean?
03:31 On Your Feet
09:46 Round Your Waist / Chest
13:53 Anywhere Else
18:18 Presenter Picks

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