Why Body-Weight Training?

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Find out the benefits of Body-Weight Training

What is bodyweight training?



Bodyweight training utilizes a class of different movements (collectively known as bodyweight exercises) that make use of our body’s natural resistance to being moved about.

Bodyweight training is a very challenging way to burn fat and develop muscle because it requires not only strength and endurance but also plenty of willpower and patience.

What do you need to succeed in bodyweight training?

When you perform bodyweight exercises, your natural balance and stability will be put to the test. You will have to learn how to find your center of gravity quickly and in different positions so that you can improve your form when performing different movements.

This book will show you just how effective and hardcore bodyweight exercises can be. They’re not just for people who can’t visit the gym regularly – these elite exercises are for fitness buffs and bodybuilders who are not afraid to go up against the most formidable source of physical resistance: the human body.

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