Yoga Mat Round Up – Kristin McGee

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Yoga Mat Round Up

If I knew now what I knew my first time practicing yoga back in the 90s, I would have saved so much money on the yoga mats I thought were good. I used to have a closet full of mats that never held up very well. Everyone has individual needs and preferences when practicing yoga; but comfort should be the number one priority.

A mat is one of the most important tools when practicing yoga. You don’t want to feel your knees digging into the floor during downward dog, or like your participating on the slip & slide at your son’s birthday party! These are a few mats that I find extremely supportive, comfortable and helpful when practicing all types of yoga.

How To Break In Your Yoga Mat

1) Clean Your Yoga Mat

3 Basic Yoga Poses to Break Your Mat in

Downward-Facing dog: Try out downward to get all the kinks out of your mat and make it less slippery

Gentle Flow- Move through a gentle vinyasa flow!

Side Plank- Test the length of your mat and the stretch!

My Favorite Yoga Mat


Lucent Hue


Design Luxurious Yoga Mat

A good yoga mat can take your practice from great to amazing! Let me know what your favorite mat is in the comments!

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Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor in New York City. She is the star of over 100 videos, a contributing editor at Health Magazine and a spokeswoman for many brands and causes she believes in. Kristin also appears frequently on television. A proud mom to three, she sure keeps herself busy!

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